Trading Pokemon on an emulator is a popular way to get more of the games you want and need without having to buy them. There are many reasons why someone may want to do this, but most people trade for one or more of these reasons: they don’t have money, they cannot find their desired […]

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but it’s missing something: awesome wallpapers for you to set as your desktop background. Fear not, though, as the good people over at rxtalks have compiled the best wallpapers from around the interwebs, all in crisp 4K UHD resolution. These wallpapers are perfect for showing off your high-end

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VPNs let you access blocked content and websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and give you the freedom to access your favorite programs and websites from anywhere around the world. Unfortunately not all VPNs work as advertised, and not all VPNs are blocked in the same countries. If you’re using DotVPN to access blocked sites

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 has had a few interesting feature updates, but what happens when your PC gets stuck in an endless reboot cycle. What if the update freezes? Users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 have reported a number of issues with the latest feature update, causing some users to be stuck in an endless reboot cycle.

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Recently, Samsung released the Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth earbuds that are designed to work with Samsung phones. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds are having problems connecting with Windows computers, and there are no easy fixes. The problem appears to be a Windows driver issue, as the Galaxy Buds can connect successfully to other devices, including Android phones

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