World Splitter – Fun to Play, Difficult to Master

No matter how far the video game world has come, the puzzle genre will always be one of the most common genres in video games, with many developers introducing new puzzle mechanics every day. World Splitter is one of those puzzle games with a brilliant new puzzle mechanic: switching between dimensions in a 2D platform environment using the classic two stick mechanism. World Splitter is developed by BUMBLE3EE Interactive SL and is a complex puzzle game. Here’s our review of World Splitter on PS4, where we jump through a few dimensions and try not to pull our hair out.

World Splitter has six unique worlds, and each world has 10 levels. In the vein of most puzzle formulas, the game includes several items to collect, while some additional restrictions are provided for completionists. Your main goal is to reach the end of each level, and you can do that any way you want by solving the puzzle, but each level also gives you three additional goals to achieve. Each level has a different number of hidden monsters that you must collect. There’s also the race against the clock challenge and the spin limit challenge, which is essentially a challenge where you have to complete a level without switching between dimensions too often.

The gameplay focuses on action with two handles, the left handle moves the character and the right handle allows you to rotate and resize what you are looking at. Your character can easily move between the two dimensions, but it’s not as easy as it looks when you watch the game’s video. Some levels in the game require you to move and rotate dimensions simultaneously while jumping or moving your character, and believe me when I say your character is not the most agile in the game. Therefore, each movement must be precise and the size of the rotation must be perfect.

You can spin as much as you want, as long as you want, and not save the monsters in the game, but it’s not that easy to get to the end of the level. As the story progresses, these levels become increasingly difficult, as some later levels have enemies disappear and four dimensions are introduced instead of two, which feels like punishment for something you may have done in the beginning. Even though the developer doesn’t mention it anywhere, you die often in the game and it’s not due to poor design. This happens because you have not been able to process all the changes in size and movement of the character at the same time.

The level design is probably one of the best parts of the game, as the way all the dimensions fit together seamlessly is very cool. You can rotate them by pressing L1, L2 and R1, R2 and you have to rely on the right stick to move them. Some of the difficult puzzles require you to constantly jump and twist dimensions to reach the next room. There are no checkpoints in the game. So if you fall or fail a level, you have to start over from the beginning of the level, which is even more frustrating because all your work is lost.

World Splitter also supports multiplayer mode, in which two local players with two controllers can get in on the action together. If you want to play with a friend or family member, you can connect another controller to the console and give it to them to solve puzzles together. The story is told through fun animated cutscenes, but the game has no audio or written dialogue, and all you hear in these scenes are the sounds of monsters running amok here and there. You can view your top scores for each level, as well as the discounts again in the game.

The high score keeping system is actually a good feature of the game if you like speedruns and challenges. It will record your best times and scores for all levels of the game, and if you beat them, you can view them here. It also keeps track of the extra collections, time and task rotation, so you can revisit the levels and try to finish them all if you really want to push yourself.

I’ll admit here that World Splitter is probably one of the hardest puzzles I’ve played since I started reviewing games in 2018. In those three years I’ve played a lot of great games from different developers around the world, and there are very few games that have frustrated me during my reviews, and that includes a game like Mortal Shell. World Splitter doesn’t frustrate you with poor design, though. I appreciate the developer’s fresh approach to making a complex video game, but the fact is that mastering the two-stick game has always been a chore for me, and unfortunately that was the case with World Splitter as well. Most of my deaths in the game were due to the fact that I just couldn’t control my thumbs properly to move and enlarge in sync.

The gameplay of World Splitter is extremely difficult if you don’t have good coordination. You look at the screen while using one hand to move the character and the other to switch between worlds and create paths. Sometimes it seems really hard, that’s why World Splitter is a puzzle game for people who can coordinate well, because they don’t have to spend much time mastering the gameplay. The level design is brilliant and the way the worlds are connected is genius. But to really enjoy the game, you have to master the gameplay first, otherwise some controllers will break.

Last block :

World Splitter is a challenging world where you have to master the game to progress. The level design is really good, and the animation is good too. But before I recommend World Splitter, you should be up for the challenge, because the game may look easy when you watch the trailer above, but it will really test all your skills. On the other hand, it’s also a lot of fun once you figure out how to get through a level and get stuck in the next one. It’s a love-hate relationship for me, but I still enjoyed playing it even though I pulled my hair out a few times. Highly recommended for people who want a good challenging puzzle game with unique mechanics and a beautiful world.

Overall score: 8.0/10

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