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Final Fantasy XIV’s Glamour system allows players to change the appearance of their gear at will. The possibilities… are almost endless, because, of course, there are some caveats.

To get started, you need glamorous prisms! Don’t worry, they are very easy to get.

Glamour prisms are just items you keep in your inventory. And you use them when you change the look of your transmission. Glamour prisms can be made by a class of artisans or simply bought directly from the market. They are usually pretty cheap too!

You also have to keep in mind that all those cool gigs you want to do are job-related.

This means that you, for example. B. because dragons can only glorify other dragon outfits.

But there is also a subgroup of unemployed that can be conjured up in any class. These are generally fun outfits because Square Enix wants people to be able to wear them, regardless of their job.

Overall, the Glamour system allows you to get creative and put your character in a lot of different outfits! They can be cute, cool, sexy and everything in between.

Let’s get back to basics, shall we?

How to unlock Glamour

Fortunately, unlocking the glamour system is not that difficult. Square-Enix didn’t want the ability to change looks to be locked down for something stupid, so this is just a significant side effect.

Not necessarily an obligation!

The only real requirement is that you reach level 15.

Fun fact: This was not always the case.

The glamour thing was more of an endgame. They needed a lot of catalysts to make the charm work.

Today, however, it has become more accessible. Now it’s more of a core. That’s a good thing, because it allows more players to enjoy it.

If you are already level 15 and want to unlock the Glamour system, go to West Analan and find an NPC named Swyrgeim. In case you can’t find it, here are some contact details: X 12.7, Y 14.3.

Once you find them, do the If I Had Glamour task and complete it.

Think of this study as an introduction to glamour. It will show you all the ins and outs, and even provide you with some more glamorous prisms!

It’s not necessary, but you can also pick up the Paint Your World quest here, which lets you color objects and change their colors, and another Absolutely Glamorous quest, which lets you make glamorous prisms for yourself.

However, you must have a Hand or Earth disciple of at least 15.

And glamour prisms now work for all devices, so no need to buy different types.

image source from u/Mage_FFxiv

So how does glamour work?

There are a few caveats to this system.

You need a glamour prism for every object you want to glam up.

And the item you want to change must be the same (or better) than the item you want in your device.

This means you can’t take a level 1 gear and make it look like a level 80 gear.

It’s no big deal, and you should never be in a situation where it’s inconvenient. You’ll almost always want to outfit your most powerful devices, and then dress them up with something cooler or more fun.

Square-Enix knew what they were doing, as most of the passes players want to use for Glamour are 1st level. Step.

I should probably mention that charm is a special profession.

Many of the level 1 transmissions I mentioned are irrelevant because they can be fitted to any job. This is certainly good news.

But if you like the white magician’s outfit, for example, you’re out of luck. You can enchant a White Mage’s equipment onto another White Mage’s equipment.

But you can’t glorify a ninja outfit over a white magician outfit.

image source from pasinhaha u/pasinhaha

Replacement of a gable that was previously taped

If you’re trying to enchant a device, make sure it’s not already so enchanted that it looks like something else!

This is important, because if you try it while the object is already enchanted, it won’t work.

You have to take the glamour out of it first. Which is actually quite simple:

From the same menu where you drop your Glamour, you can also resolve the Glamour. This makes the element look like it did before.

After all, it’s kind of a process when you want to paint a beautiful piece of equipment.

Basically, if you drop the amulet, the appearance of the object changes.

If you paint this item afterwards, it will not affect the shine.

You have to dispel the spell, paint the equipment, and then enchant again. Nothing special, but good to know!

Wow! So I can have an infinite number of outfits?

Take it easy, Warrior of Light.

There is no limit to the number of outfits you can glorify, but you are limited by the inventory space.

Final Fantasy XIV is not known for its large amount of inventory locations. You can use your mounts and even buy new ones at the mog station, but you may still run out of time.

But you’re not necessarily unlucky.

Square-Enix has heard your prayers and answered them in the form of a glamorous box.

The Glamour Chest holds up to 400 pieces of equipment, which is sure to be an asset to outfit enthusiasts.

image source u/HuhuWasTaken

What are glamour plates?

You can also apply Glamour to Glamour paintings and reuse them.

This process is a bit complicated, but I’ll cast it in its simplest form:

Basically, you can record gigs on so-called glamour boards, and it will come out looking like a glamour prism. You can then combine it with a specific outfit or garment from Glamour Apparel.

She won’t even use the glamour prism because you used it when you installed the plate!

And you can store up to 15 of these plates at a time.

There’s even a way to make sure you keep your glamorous look when you get in line and change gears.

This is very clever for those who hate it when outfits don’t match.

frequently asked questions

How does glamour work in Ffxiv?

Glamour basically works by sticking the clothes you want to the clothes you actually wear, so you can look good while having the right amount of gear.

What is a glamour picture?

The glamour plate contains all the equipment a player can use from head to toe – and you can even wear certain glamours that make certain items invisible. You can get up to 15 plates of glamour. If you remove any of these plates, the dye you applied to that plate will also be erased.

How to get a Prism of Glamour?

wiki Glamour_Pri…

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