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  • The Champions League is the highlight of the European football season.
  • You can watch the show on pay TV, but you also have the option of watching it online.
  • This article covers all the methods you can use to watch Champions League matches online.
  • Some methods require the use of specific websites, while others require third-party software.

The Champions League, the greatest football competition ever known to mankind, attracts millions of fans from all over the world every year.

Tuesday and Wednesday are sacred to many, but have become problematic for some. If you want to watch the Champions League live on your PC, you may not even know where to start.

Today we will show you some solutions that cover online streams and channels for many countries including UK, US, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, France and many more.

Live online streaming of the UEFA Champions League is usually offered by a pay-TV channel that holds the television rights for a particular country, but there are also free solutions.

In areas where the Champions League is not officially offered, users should install a VPN or DNS changer that makes the network think the PC is elsewhere.

These and other more sophisticated solutions are used in the following instructions.

Complete guide to watching the UEFA Champions League live

In a nutshell: The most popular solutions are free. Unfortunately, watching a free online stream of the UEFA Champions League is usually accompanied by poor quality, dropped sessions and high latency.

Those who offer feeds as such usually have a large number of users configured, but no servers to support the load.

Next, the preferred option is usually to purchase a VPN service or install third-party software that changes your connection settings.

This option is also ideal for broadcasting football matches on wide-screen TVs if they have a smart internet browser.

For those who don’t quite have a TV, but still want to know how to watch the Champions League consistently and in the old-fashioned way, this guide also describes the idea of a TV tuner.

Upcoming Champions League matches


Game Date Assessment
Real Madrid vs Liverpool 6. April 2021 3 – 1
City of Manchester – Dortmund 6. April 2021 2 – 1
Bayern Munich – PSG 7. April 2021
Chelsea vs Porto 7. April 2021
PSG – Bayern 13. April 2021
Chelsea vs Porto 13. April 2021
Liverpool vs Real Madrid 14. April 2021
Dortmund vs Manchester City 14. April 2021

How can I watch the official UEFA Champions League final on my PC?

Every year television networks fight for the right to broadcast the Champions League on cable.

In some countries this process is won by a single network, while in others viewers may watch two or three networks. These options vary according to the amount paid by UEFA.

For example, some companies get the right to broadcast every game of the season, while others prefer to pay only for the most anticipated game of the week.

After acquiring the broadcasting rights, all networks decided to broadcast the football matches online, either on their official website or via a mobile application.

This is the option we will be relying on today as our main source of content, especially since these live streams are high quality, both audio and video, and offer commentary in the local language.

The user also has the option to save this game for later in their app or to get a professional view of the game. Depending on the network, a Smart TV application may also be available.

The most important step in this guide is to find the broadcaster who owns the UEFA Champions League broadcasting rights in your country.

Which channels broadcast the Champions League in my country?

View the full list of official UEFA Champions League broadcast partners for 2020.

Once you have chosen the network available in your country, you should go to the official website and find the page with the match information.

Generally, this type of service is not free and a discounted monthly plan is offered to existing customers.

So people who already purchase cable TV services from this company will get the streaming services for free or at a discount.

In addition, broadcast partners offer viewers a free trial period during which the Champions League can be broadcast online for free (BT Sport in the UK, for example, offers a free trial period of three months).

So far, it’s simple, right? And what if none of these networks support your country?

How can I watch the Champions League with a VPN?

The idea is simple: Your country does not have a UEFA recognised broadcast partner. So we made the network think that the user viewing the content was from another country.

Suppose a user in North Korea with internet access wants to follow the Champions League online with English commentary.

By purchasing a virtual private network (VPN) service, users can bypass geographical restrictions and select the country of access. B. Go to UK and then to the official website of BT Sports who own the rights in the UK. From there, the user can set up the account and is ready to go.

Another case worth mentioning is that of travel and migration, either long term or short term. There are many situations where a viewer may find themselves abroad, on holiday, on a business trip or even as a student in another country.

In all these situations, those who have an online account which allows them to watch the Champions League in their country can enjoy the same benefits abroad.

The process is simple and in most cases all the user needs to do is purchase a VPN service, install it and change the country. All the magic happens in the background.

This is the VPN service we recommend: Private Internet access

Private Internet Access is the best virtual private network that gives you access to different servers in different countries, so you can watch the Champions League on your computer.

Just log into the UK server, log into the BT Sports website and go to the Champions League from there. If the servers are down, you can connect to the US server and go to the Turner Sports site.

Private Internet access

Follow the Champions League and other competitions from multiple sources with PIA.

In addition to being able to watch UEFA Champions League matches from another country, there are other benefits to purchasing a VPN service. Here are a few of them:

  • Geolocation restrictions
    • The fact that users can manually choose which country their IP address comes from is invaluable. Now all kinds of services that automatically select users based on their location are no longer a problem. This includes videos on Youtube, Netflix and others.
  • Data protection
    • Even with a VPN that doesn’t allow manual manipulation of countries, users still automatically get an IP from a set of private pools. This limits reverse detection well and provides a second level of security for the devices.
  • Enjoy full speed
    • People with a good internet connection will sometimes notice that videos and large objects load slower online. This is usually due to the fact that in some cases your internet provider has decided to lower your internet access speed. By installing a VPN, users can avoid this problem.
  • No entry in the journal
    • The VPN services we recommend do not keep traffic logs.
  • Protection for multiple devices
    • Some VPN services offer their services on a large number of devices, using the same paid account. So buy it once and use it on your computer, TV or mobile phone.

The cheapest way to watch the Champions League is our recommendation

To stream Champions League matches directly to your device, we recommend using a private internet access.

By combining the plans below with a VPN that offers you a 3 or 6 month plan, you can alternate payments between Champions League seasons and have all the high quality matches right on your computer.

Again, having your own internet access is the tool you need and you can keep an eye on their offers to buy it at the best price.

⇒ Further information on the private Internet access page

Since a VPN solution allows you to change your location practically in any country in the world, why not choose the country where the UEFA Champions League is most easily broadcast?

Of all the options we looked at, we found that nothing could beat this price:

  • SonyLIV, INDIA’s official partner, offers a plan for only $6.8 for a full year. This is by far the cheapest option.
  • To access, click here and make sure you use a VPN that redirects to India, otherwise you won’t be able to see the content.

In addition to access to the Champions League, SonyLIV users will also have access to the following programs:

  • UEFA Europa League
  • Serie A TIM 2020
  • Laliga Santander 2020
  • UEFA Nations League 2020-2021
  • Serie A: Full effect
  • Laliga World
  • Laliga Shaw.
  • See ESPN FC
  • UEFA Super Cup
  • National Series A

By comparison, the cheapest official streams in the UK cost much more:

  • BT Sport for the UK costs $5.85 a month (equivalent to £4.50), with an 18-month subscription and BT broadband.

In the United States the situation is even more worrying, since Turner (TNT) recently acquired the television rights to the Champions League from Fox. They currently offer their services at the following rates:

  • Singles : $2.99
  • Monthly Subscription – $9.99
  • Annual Plan – $79.99

Where can I watch the Champions League for free?

If you want to watch the Champions Leagues live with a free stream, you can turn to the free streaming service.

An entire industry has grown up around this, with various websites taking content directly from popular cable television companies and putting it online.

From one country to another, users can get free access to Champions League matches on the day of the match.

The disadvantage of these streaming services is usually the download speed, video resolution, audio output or latency. Any of these problems can occur. This is usually due to the quality of their servers.

Live streaming sites generally do not require registration, but users may have to deal with foreign language commentary or frequent interruptions.

In addition, some sites impose their own geographical restrictions. If you are also experiencing this problem, the solution is to purchase a VPN service and change the country as described above.

Here are a few notable entries

  • Stream2Watch – free, no registration, instant access.
  • PlayTV – free viewing, no account required, fast access and limited advertising.
  • TVPlayer – is aimed at UK customers and offers both free content and a paid plan for additional features.
  • TVCatchUp – viewers outside the UK will be directed to an affiliate service, an account is required.

Since these feeds are free, they tend to bring a lot of advertising into the equation. If you know of any other reliable services, please leave a comment below and we will update our picks.

How can I watch the Champions League on Youtube and Twitch?

Since the broadcasters hold the rights to transmit the Champions League live, those who offer this content to the public without permission are more likely to get into trouble.

Streams with UEFA content are therefore rarely seen on popular livestreaming networks such as Youtube and Twitch. And that word is rarely used here.

Therefore, many try to broadcast UEFA matches live on the day of the event. If they get enough attention, someone alerts YouTube and it is usually removed.

Although Youtube has a large team of copyrights and acts quickly, sometimes users can see half of the game before it happens.

How can I watch the Champions League on YouTube TV?

Another good option is YouTube TV. A newer service on the platform, YouTube TV, streams online channels from more than 60 networks in the United States.

Customers also benefit from a cloud storage platform where they can store games and other recordings without bandwidth limitations.

Especially for the Champions League there is a page on YouTube TV where you can find all the details about the competition.

For example, the support offers the possibility to stream the upcoming Champions League matches online in high quality.

The downside is that this service is currently only available to the United States. Remember that using a VPN, as described above, can help you bypass this geo-restriction.

With a price tag of $40 per month, YouTubeTV may be a bit pricey, but it comes with a wide range of benefits. For example, the power is of high quality and is not interrupted.

In addition to Champions League matches, users also have access to non-sports channels such as online channels, news, entertainment, children’s programmes, educational documentaries and films.

In addition, users can stream YouTube TV on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, Xbox One consoles or streaming devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire Stick.


Twitch, on the other hand, is a better place to watch a football game than your average YouTube. This is mainly due to the fact that they are a smaller player than Youtube.

Some users broadcast live sporting events, and most of them are made the day before the game. Our advice: Find a game that suits you before it starts.

How to use a TV tuner for the Champions League?

Using a TV tuner on your PC is a bit old fashioned, but still a viable solution. The scenario is simple: The user doesn’t have a television or doesn’t want to use it, and the computer is the only way out.

All this without compromising broadcast speed, video and audio quality, image delay or broadcast continuity.

Essentially, a TV tuner is a way to turn an ordinary computer into a television.

Just buy a TV tuner (actually it’s another circuit board that plugs into your motherboard), install it and then get a regular TV subscription.

Some companies even offer a USB flash drive that can be used on laptops.

Moreover, TV tuners have evolved so much that you can now use a wireless tuner for mobile devices. Again, a subscription is required.

Here are some suggestions for a TV tuner:

Champions League matches broadcast live on television

If you don’t have a traditional broadcast schedule, but still want to watch the UEFA Champions League on your TV, it’s easy.

The best way is to use an online subscription to the broadcast channel, as described above, and then broadcast it on TV.

If the user has a smart TV and the broadcaster offers a special app for TVs, just install it and start playing.

Otherwise, if there is no dedicated application, the user must launch the Internet browser on the TV and manually navigate to the relevant website. From there, just start the live stream as on the computer.

The other case is when the user has a TV but no smart stand. Here, get a box of food. Here is a short list of options:

First, the location of a user accessing the Internet through these streaming solutions may still be an issue.

Even with a TV, there are geographical limitations, and the best way to avoid this is to add a VPN service.

Some VPN providers offer special services for streaming boxes. For example, Cyberhost also supports the Amazon Fire Stick.

You can stream your favorite content from over 3,000 servers and go unnoticed.

⇒ Buy CyberGhost for the Amazon Fire Stick.

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