Top & Best 14 Kodi 18 Addons For Free That Really Works

With Kodi 18, you can bring all your Kodi add-ons under one roof and enjoy the exciting experience of streaming. Kodi 18 has a lot of features that allow you to enjoy a variety of entertainment.

Kodi, once a Media player, has evolved for a decade to become the best streaming software on the planet. Kodi is used by gamers, sports and movie fans worldwide. With Kodi, you can watch recorded TV shows, live sports, live TV, movies, and listen to music. Kodi can also be used to play games. There are thousands of add-ons for Kodi which bring you all the media content from all over the world for free. There are hundreds of add-ons for Kodi which bring you all the media content from all over the world for free. With Kodi, you can access your favorite content, anytime, anywhere.

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If you are looking for Kodi 18 addons that actually work on your iOS devices, download the 14 best free Kodi 18 addons for iOS.

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What is a KODI addon

In the following list you will find the best addons for movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts in Kodi.  By the way, these are the best add-ons for Kodi that actually work! These add-ons offer all types of content possible on the Internet, from new movies to popular sports networks. Add-ons for Kodi TV appear and disappear every day, and it always seems pointless to keep track of them.

Choosing the best Kodi add-ons in general can be a heated discussion, so don’t assume this random list is the end of the line. In Kodi’s third-party network, we try to keep an eye out for new and emerging camps, as well as long-standing ones. However, not all fields last long.

Work code 18 supplements


In summary, Kodi is software that can be enabled on most devices to access content from various sources (local and remote). This is your gateway to pleasure! The version of Kodi known as Kodi Leia has become version 18.

Best Addons for Kodi 18 – Leia | Download Addons for Kodi 18

A collection of the latest addons for Kodi has been released. In this article, we will only focus on Kodi 18 Leia. The term best cannot be used arbitrarily as it is not an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, we hope this collection is enough to make your experience with Kodi more enjoyable.

Exodus Redux

The Kodi Exodus Redux addon – or the re-release of the Kodi Exodus addon under a different label – offers its users the same content as the popular Kodi Exodus addon. The Kodi Exodus Redux application is used for movies, TV shows and other content.


The Kodi Seren application has recently arrived on the Kodi scene. This addon supports your Kodi setup with the latest movies and TV shows. Seren is one of the additions in Kodi 18 that offers Real-Debrid, Tract and Premiumize integration.


The Kodi cCloud TV addon is one of the best Kodi 18 addons. CCloud TV still offers a lot of content with a rich history, including the older additions. CCloud TV is one of the 18 best addons for Kodi for live streaming. Some forms of hardware are often offered by cCloud TV, such as B. TV shows offered, but this is one of the greatest Kodi Leia addons for live TV.


YouTube Kodi addon is one of the best addons available for Kodi 18. You need to backup all YouTube videos on your Kodi system. Many movies, documentaries and other content are waiting to be added to Youtube Kodi from authorized Kodi repositories.

Documentary storm

Are you a fan of documentaries? One of the best Kodi Leia add-ons available is the Kodi Documentary Storm add-on. When you start, you’ll have access to hundreds of publicly available videos. This legalizes Documentary Storm and makes it a safe option to watch documentaries. The Documentary Storm Kodi introduction is included in the MetalChris Store.

FilmOn TV

An introduction to your Kodi FilmOn TV adds British and Canadian TV channels, sports and more content that you can easily access and enjoy. This is a legitimate addition to Kodi that will keep you entertained for hours.


TubiTV is a free integrated subscription service that provides access to over 50,000 on-demand titles. An introduction to TubiTV Kodi will help you watch movies, TV shows and other content. No ads are displayed when you use Kodi, and it’s a great option for enjoying legitimate TubiTV content. When using a VPN, geographical restrictions must be bypassed to fully enjoy TubiTV.


An addition to live pay-per-view. USTVNow offers a Kodi configuration for current US television. This is a great addition to Kodi 18 that will make for a great time. With the free version you have access to seven networks, with the premium subscription up to 21.


Another option is the Kodi Covenant extension, which contains many movies and TV shows. This add-on was one of the add-ons that replaced Exodus Kodi when it was lost, and it’s more of the same. This add-on is quick to download and offers a huge collection of content that will expand the selection of content available for your Kodi device.


FilmRise offers lots of free content from many sources on your Kodi device. You will receive videos from producers who are partners of YouTube and FilmRise. The FilmRise addon is incredibly easy to access, as it is part of the main Kodi addon repository. So it’s just a few clicks away from all the great free content on FilmRise!


On SnagFilms, you can search a library of 5,000 titles. These options include independent films, documentaries and other fascinating material. The films on display here are not exactly what you would see in a regular cinema, but they still entertain you for hours. You can find this addon in the official Kodi folder.


This is one of the easiest add-ons to use for the graphical content you were looking for. The Trakt Kodi addon helps you track the status between Kodi and Trakt online services. It will even encourage you to compare the past of your watch with your friends, study the movies you have seen, and also find new material on their website.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a US-only offering (or for the US VPN audience), with content for all ages. However, it offers a material that is durable, safe for children and completely legal.


With this Indigo Kodi addon, you can do many other things, e.g. configure your device with a handy wizard, download Kodi add-ons for content, download or email Kodi logs, perform backups, etc. For Kodi fans, this is just great.

These are 14 addons that allow you to add an iOS device to KODI, and they are all special, they are very different and contain different features, they are all applicable to all versions of iOS devices. Here are some of the add-ons that apply to Android devices.

Download 5 best Kodi apps for Android

Vlc player properties:

  • With the VLC player you can enjoy both audio and video files.
  • Online content is not available in this application
  • All downloaded files can be viewed or listened to through this file.
  • It is free and only 20 MB in size. So it is easy to store because it takes up less space.

Main features:-

  • This is the official app that will be available on Android devices.
  • It contains built-in problem-solving robots.
  • It helps you synchronize the subtitles with the files when you watch or listen to them.
  • This is the official remote control for the KODI application.

Characteristics of Yaste:-

  • The second official remote for the KODI application. If Kore fails, this remote will replace him.
  • It is equipped with a voice control function that allows commands to be executed by voice.
  • All commands for the KODI application are located in Yaste.
  • Many additional features are available in the yaste application.
  • It takes up only 10 MB of space on your device.


  • The SPMC performance works the same way as KODI.
  • Because it takes up 20 MB of space on your device.
  • You can watch movies and some TV series in this application.
  • It is a free application that takes up little storage space and you don’t have to pay a cent to use it.

MX Features

  • This application is similar to the VLC player and is a better alternative to it.
  • All MP3, audio and MP4 files can be viewed with this application.
  • It offers the best version and highest quality of audio and video files.
  • Scaling is available not only for video files but also for MP4 files.
  • Screen lock and parental controls are also available in this application.

These are add-ons that are suitable for all Android devices and are the best for using KODI. This is a discussion about Kodi addons.

Questions and answers about KODI add-ons

  1. Are KODI add-ons safe for our device?

Yes, it is safe for your device, you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware.

  1. Is it compatible with all versions of iOS and macOS devices?

Yes, all macOS and iOS devices are supported to access this addon.

  1. Do I need to jailbreak this application to install it?

No jailbreak is required to access this application. Not all applications can be installed without jailbreak.

These are the questions most often asked by a large number of users, and the answers come from several experienced people and from my own experience. As a result, answers will be more informed and accurate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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