Top 12 Desktop app launchers for Windows 10

2. Docking station object

Like RocketDock, ObjectDock is a well-known launcher for Windows that has been around for a while. Allows you to add your favorite programs and applications to the Dock for quick access.

Previously, it was even possible for Windows 7 users to add gadgets, but as you probably know, this feature has been disabled.

However, there is still a way to add gadgets to Windows 10 to combine with ObjectDock.

ObjectDock has a simple design, as it looks like your applications are on your desktop. The dock is located at the top of the screen so it doesn’t interrupt your work.

You can even add quick-start icons from the taskbar for even faster integration.

ObjectDock is available for free, but there is also a paid version that offers additional features.

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3. RC launcher

RK Launcher is another free dock for Windows 10 that serves to store your favorite apps and programs. You can add absolutely any application, as well as files and folders.

The RK launcher is at the edge of the screen, but it doesn’t have to be the top edge, as you can move it to any side of the screen.

RK Launcher also has a simple and clean design, and it should fit perfectly into your work environment.

With the ability to change the theme and add custom icons and docklets, you can fully customize the look of RK Launcher.

Since RK Launcher can be placed on either side of the screen and supports a variety of applications, programs and file types, it is an ideal replacement for the taskbar.

Although it was developed for earlier versions of Windows, RK Launcher also works well on Windows 10.

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4. Executive

Performer is a very simple program/application launcher for Windows 10 that allows you to access any program installed in an application on your computer by simply typing its name.

The Performer is located in the taskbar, so just click on it and type the name of the application you want to open, and it will open immediately.

Once you install this program, it indexes all installed programs and applications, as well as menu items, list of recently opened items, etc.

It is a very small program, less than 1 MB in size, that consumes no resources when running in the background.

You can also assign a specific keyword to the program, so you don’t have to type in the full name.

In addition to programs and applications, Executor also works well with URLs. So if you want quick access to a specific website, just enter its address in the Executor section.

If you have issues with Windows 10’s default search engine, Cortana, or just want to try something different, Executive may be the perfect alternative.

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5. Startup

Launchy is another terribly simple launcher for Windows that also works great on Windows 10.

The biggest advantage of Launchy is that it can be used right out of the box, since you don’t have to configure anything.

When you open the program, only the search bar and a small control panel icon are displayed.

So just type in the name of the program you want to open and the suggestions will appear in no time.

Launchy not only opens regular programs or applications, but it can also search for old files stored in multiple folders, which can be more than useful.

Launchy doesn’t offer as many features as Executor, but you can still customize it with skins and plugins.

This program can also serve as a reliable replacement for Windows 10’s built-in search feature.

The launch is free, and you can download it at this link. The program is available in portable and .exe versions.

⇒ Start

6. XWindows Dock

Although the name suggests that this program only works on Windows XP, it is actually perfectly compatible with Windows 10.

The XWindows dock mimics the macOS toolbar and offers some options that are also available in the Apple tool.

The best thing about this document is that you can fully customize it. You can change the appearance by adding graphical effects such as reflections, transparency, shadows, blurring, etc.

But beyond its chic appearance, XWindows Dock also offers exceptional functionality. You can add your favorite applications and programs, as well as other Windows features.

You can also use the plugin manager to add some custom plugins to the interface, such as B. a stack container similar to RocketDock’s Stacks docklet.

However, according to some online reviews, using XWindows Dock can be a bit difficult at first, and you may need some time to get used to it.

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7. InertiaSmartLunch

Okay, we’ve talked about simple Windows application launches, but they can’t be simpler than InerziaSmartLaunch. The entire interface of this launcher is just a search bar!

When you type in the name of the application you want to open, the context menu displays Google’s suggestions, just like in browsers.

But despite its extremely simple appearance, InerziaSmartLaunch can do a lot for you.

Of course you can search for normal applications and programs, but you can also search for a recent document, a (system) folder, or anything else.

So type in what you are looking for and InerziaSmartLaunch will find it for you.

This program even has some additional features that can be more than useful. For example, you can. For example, you can assign a specific keyword to an application or program and open it by simply typing that keyword.

You can use any combination of keywords, even a single letter.

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8. Round dock

CircleDock is an interesting program launcher for Windows, mainly because of its unique look and feel. Well, that’s exactly what the name says, a circular dock for launching applications.

However, this launcher also works differently than normal launchers because it is not permanently displayed on the screen.

To open CircleDock, you must first start it up. It will then appear immediately next to your mouse pointer, wherever it is.

Once you open the Dock, you’ll see all your pinned applications and programs sorted into a circle and accessible with a single click.

In addition to the usual programs and applications, you can also add other files and folders to CircleDock.

This program also provides some basic configuration options and supports multiple monitors and virtual desktops.

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9. WinLaunch

WinLaunch is another free application launch simulation for Apple’s operating systems. This program is based on the launcher from Mac OS X Lion.

Like the circle button in the Dock, it is minimized in the background and activated by pressing Shift + Tab.

When activated, the Launcher opens and displays a list of all pinned programs and applications.

Once WinLaunch is opened, the icons on the desktop fade and the background becomes blurry, which is a nice design element.

You can organize shortcuts into groups, just like in iOS; drag an icon over another to create a group.

You can create as many groups as you want and make other adjustments, for example. B. Add a group name.

There is also a wiggle mode that allows you to move symbols from one group to another.

To add WinLaunch icons, press the F key on your keyboard and the launcher will shrink to a smaller, scrollable window where you can add icons by dragging and dropping.

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10. Snack bars

Appetizer is an open source application launcher for Windows 10.

It is designed to be very simple (like most launchers), but also provides useful features to access your favorite applications and programs.

The first thing you will notice about this program is its unusual appearance.

It reminded us of the old Microsoft calculator program (tell us if you agree), with its buttons and calculator-like interface.

But enough nostalgic comparisons, let’s see what this program can do for you.

Unlike most launchers that automatically search for applications and programs installed on your system, Appetizer asks you to enter the programs you want to open.

⇒ Take an aperitif

11. Winstep Nexus Doc

While functionality is probably the most important point, the Winstep Nexus Dock actually wants to entice you with its stunning looks.

This app launcher is one of the best in the business, and it even comes with a handful of customization options.

One of the customization options is the ability to set custom icons for the docking station components.

In terms of ease of use, the Nexus Dock is actually a pretty simple tool to use.

It works on a drag and drop basis, meaning you can just drag your favorite program or application to the Dock to pin it.

In addition to normal programs, the Nexus Dock also supports files, folders, and other functions. Everything has its own icon in the dock, so you have no problem seeing what’s what.

The Nexus Dock can also be used as a replacement for the taskbar, as minimized running programs and the taskbar can be displayed in the dock.

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12. 7stocks

7Stacks, as the name suggests, is a free software launcher for Windows that mimics the functionality of Mac OS X’s Stacks.

It allows you to place mainly folders, but also files and programs in special stacks in the Windows taskbar.

Once a new batch is created, you can assign up to 10 folders to it and open them with a single click in the taskbar.

You can add any folder to the stacks with 7Stacks, whether it’s special folders like My Computer or regular folders on your hard drive.

If you don’t want to put the Stacks folder in the taskbar, you can also use the manual menu mode and leave it on the desktop.

This program is useful when you need to access many files during your workday, but don’t want to sit on your desk getting confused.

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That’s it for our list of the 12 best app launchers and programs for Windows 10. All of these launchers have something unique about them, and each of them can replace a specific feature of Windows 10.

So, if you are not satisfied with the way Micrsoft has done its job with certain features, or if you just want to try new solutions, then the programs in this article are for you.

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