Tenorshare Reiboot Review: Can it Repair iPhone/iPad Errors?

If you want to know more about the iPhone repair tool, you can read this Tenorshare Reiboot review.

Generally, people prefer iOS over Android because of its durable performance. However, there are some common types of errors on iOS devices. These include iPhone freezing issues, booting issues, update issues, etc. It is very difficult and sometimes almost impossible to fix these errors manually. So there are tools like Reibut. In this Tenorshare Reiboot review, you will learn about its features, performance, user interface, price, pros and cons, etc. If you want to learn about this software, now is the time.

Tenorshare Reiboot Review

Reiboot is an iOS recovery and repair software available for Windows and Mac. It can fix common problems and some critical issues of iPhone and iPad. It can do some repairs without erasing the data on the iPhone or iPad.

Rubbing Summer & Appreciation


Reiboot is an iPhone repair and recovery software. It can help you solve various common and critical iPhone/iPad/iPod problems. Overall, this software seems to be good. However, the free version is very limited. To get the real benefits, you need the premium version.


  • 150+ iOS issues fixed
  • Reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without iTunes/Finer
  • Fix iPhone/iTunes related errors in one or more clicks.


  • Only the free version allows you to activate/deactivate recovery mode.

Features and specifications:

Here you can find the technical details of ReiBoot.

Publisher Tenorshare
Name of the software Reibut
Verified version v8.0.1.7
Installer size 18.86 MB
Size of the installation 57.5 MB

This iPhone troubleshooter has a number of useful features. It can save you time and effort by automatically correcting common errors in the right situations. Some errors cannot usually be corrected by a non-technical user. In that case Tenorscher Reibut can help you. To help users, it has the following features.

  • More than 150 solutions for jammed and locked iPhones
  • Load to the recovery state and exit the system
  • iTunes backup and error correction recovery
  • Downgrading iOS beta without data loss
  • Bug fixes on Apple TV and Apple TV 4K
  • More convenient iPhone reset

These are the basic properties of Reibut. However, you don’t have all these features in the free version. Only the free version can help you enable and disable recovery mode. For the other benefits, the premium is the only possible solution.

Troubleshooting iOS effortlessly

This is the main selling point of this Raybout. In everyday life, you will encounter many iOS errors on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Not all of them are easy to solve. Especially if it gets stuck often, it can be painful. This type of problem is more common with older phones. Contradictions can make it easier to correct errors. It claims to be able to fix over 150 common iPhone bugs.

it can restore the iTunes backup and fix theerror

There are many ways to secure your iPhone. But iTunes/Finder is Apple’s official solution, and it’s free too. You have to make a manual effort. But it gets worse when you repeatedly encounter errors like 4013/4005. Tenor finder Raybut has a solution for that too.

Recovery mode

This is the only free feature I mentioned earlier. However, the process of booting into iPhone recovery mode with Reiboot is very simple. You can connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and run Reiboot. Then just switch to recovery mode. Here’s how.

In fact, you can use this software for any iOS device. It can also help you solve the problem of Apple TV freezing or locking.

How does Tenorshare Reiboot work?

There are two main ways to do your job with this software. Some operations are performed without loss of data. For example, the iOS Beta upgrade can be performed without data loss.

Standard repair:

This is the most common and is suitable for all repair functions. If you want to get rid of common iOS performance issues, Reibut can apply this option. You will not lose any data if you perform a standard repair. This works by downloading the firmware from the phone to your computer. Then you will need to wait a few minutes for the process to complete. However, some bugs may not be fixed and some iOS bugs may not be fixed properly.

Deep repair:

This is another approach to troubleshooting your iOS device. It has a high success rate. But you will lose data because they will completely erase your settings and data from your device. Therefore, you should back up important content or the entire iPhone before trying.

It works the same way as when you download the iOS version for your iPhone and iPad.

Reset iPhone easily

With Tenorshare Reiboot, you can also easily perform a factory reboot on your iPhone. A master reset only resets the settings to their default state. But a factory reset restarts everything and makes everything like new again.

Tenorshare Reiboot Review: Food and other particulars

I have personally tested this software. I have tried most of the options and features. In my test, it works very quickly. I was able to boot to recovery mode with reiboot without any problem. The departure process was also very easy. All these tasks can be done with a single click.

You already know that there are two types of repairs he can do. Standard and low. Both require special firmware for your device. So, Raybut will do the download first. If you already have a local copy, you can also select that instead of downloading. However, the size of the firmware download may vary by iOS version. But, it’s about 4.5 GB. Reibut can download them automatically if you wish. The download speed depends on the speed of the internet. After downloading the firmware, it is verified by Reibut. This may take a few seconds. It will then attempt to restore your iPhone from an unstable state. This recovery process may take a few minutes. It depends on the flash cable and the condition of the phone.

In my case, it took less than 10 minutes. Honestly, there are no known problems or bugs on the iPhone or iPad that I’ve noticed in the past few months. So I can’t tell you anything about my personal experience in this matter. But Reibut has had a lot of positive reviews, and I’ve seen a lot of people praise it.
I applied the standard repair to my old iPad as you can see in the screenshot. After that, it feels a little faster, but it’s not that noticeable. So there is something in this software that can help with troubleshooting.


After watching Raybout, I have yet to find anything serious in my eyes. The free version is very, very limited. Moreover, there is no free trial period. But it has a 30 day money back guarantee.


Pricing for the premium version starts at $29.95/month. But I suggest you buy your license for $35.95 per year or lifetime. Here you can find the complete price information for Tenorscher Reibut.

Price Validity iOS limit fordevices
$29.95 1 month 5
$35.95 1 year 5
$59.95 For life 5

All you need to know is that you cannot use a Windows version license on a Mac and vice versa.


After reading this article about Reiboot, you may know whether you want to use it or not. But in my opinion, Reiboot is a good option for people who need iPhone recovery software to fix common iOS bugs.

frequently asked questions

Can RayBoot be trusted?

The software puts your iPhone in and out of recovery mode to lock the iPhone in recovery mode, the iPhone freezes or does not turn on. So the question is whether ReiBoot is legitimate or Tenorshare reiboot is malware. The answer is definitely safe and free from malware. This is a 100% secure and free iOS reboot tool.

Can ReiBoot repair a disabled iPhone?

If your iPhone reports that it is disconnected. … ReiBoot can delete or reset all #iPhoneX, #iPhone8 and other disabled or password-locked iOS devices.

How can I repair my iPhone with ReiBoot?

Step one: Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and select Restore OS on ReiBoot once the device is detected. Step two: Select Repair Now, and then download the required firmware package online to reinstall iOS. Step three: When the download process is complete, click Start Repair to reinstall iOS.

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