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Q4 Fiscal Year 2021 Nintendo Financial Results – Nintendo announced their financial results for the fourth quarter and it was a pretty big year in terms of financials. They managed to pull in a record revenue of $9.2 billion in sales, which is a pretty nice bump from last year’s $8.3 billion in sales. The company reported an operating income of $1.7 billion, which is a $1.4 billion improvement over the prior year. Nintendo also managed to sell a whopping 15.05 million Switch consoles.

Nintendo just released their financial results for the Q4 Fiscal Year 2021 period. The company is doing better than last year, but a lot of third-party developers are growing tired of making games for Nintendo’s consoles. Result: “The average engagement session on Facebook is now three minutes and 53 seconds, a 17-second increase year-over-year and a two-second increase since the beginning of the year. The shift from desktop to mobile has driven this increase: engagement on mobile devices has increased by more than a minute since Q1 of this year.”

Nintendo has announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 – and the good news doesn’t get any less. For the full 12-month reporting period (April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021), the company reported net sales of 1,758.9 billion yen, up 34.4% from the previous year. Operating profit reached a record level of 640.6 billion yen (up 81.8%), ordinary profit was 678.9 billion yen (up 88.4%) and net profit 480.3 billion yen (up 85.7%). The chart below, provided by Daniel Ahmad, shows sales and profits over the past few decades. Note that the Switch era matches previous Wii/DS release records, and in some years even surpasses them.

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As in the past, the bulk of Nintendo’s revenue came from its video game platform division, which grew 35.6% year over year. Nintendo points out that while the Switch’s hardware and software are doing well globally, growth is significant in Australia and Asia. Smart device sales were pretty weak, but licensing revenue was up, and the playing card division was the only one down.

For the past two consecutive quarters, Nintendo has raised its revenue expectations, as well as software and hardware sales for the Nintendo Switch. Now that the final results are in, Nintendo has once again come out on top. Their projected net sales dropped from 1.4 trillion yen to 1.6 trillion yen, while they actually reached 1.758.9 trillion yen. Switch sales rose from 24 million to 26.5 million, bringing the total so far to 28.8 million copies sold. For fiscal 2022 (April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022), Nintendo expects net sales of 1.6 trillion yen based on 25.5 million Switch consoles sold and 190 million software units shipped. In other words, they expect an overall decline next year, but time will tell if the pandemic will continue to fuel enthusiasm for video games as it did last year. Nintendo has been very cautious with its projections in the past, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeded these numbers, assuming it has an established supply chain and a steady stream of great software.

As mentioned, the Switch’s sales numbers in fiscal year 2021 were very impressive, with 28.83 million consoles sold, up 37.1% from the previous year. Of the total consoles sold, 20.32 million were Nintendo Switch systems and 8.51 million were Nintendo Switch Lites. The company sold 230.88 million units of software, up 36.8% from the previous year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the real star of the show, with 20.85 million copies sold over the course of the year, bringing the total to 32.63 million – and that in just 1 year and 1 week on the market. Mario games released during the year did well, with 9.01 million copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars sold and 5.59 million copies of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury sold. Nintendo said a total of 36 million dollars worth of games will be released this fiscal year: 22 by Nintendo and 14 by outside developers.

Digital sales continue to grow. In the fiscal year, Nintendo’s digital sales were 344.1 billion yen, up 68.5% from the previous year. 42.8% of total game sales were digital. Things like expansion passes, fighter passes and Nintendo Switch Online have also contributed to this growth.

It’s always interesting to know which of Nintendo’s first-person games are selling well, and the company has provided an update on the games it has developed that sold over a million copies in the past fiscal year. The best-selling game of the year was Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with over 20 million copies sold in 12 months. Despite the impressive sales figures, it wasn’t enough to knock Mario Kart 8 Deluxe from its position as the best-selling game on Switch with 35.39 million games sold so far. Other notable data include: Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold 22.28 million copies, Ring Fit Adventure has passed the 10 million mark, Pokémon Sword and Shield has sold over 20 million copies, and Super Mario Party continues to sell very well (not surprisingly, since it received a free update that added online play).

Here’s how the Switch compares to Nintendo’s previous consoles in terms of hardware and software sales:

Nintendo’s fiscal year 2021 is one of the most record-breaking years in the company’s history, with consistently impressive results. The company reported the highest operating profit in its history, and demand for the Switch console and games for it remains strong worldwide. Expected games like Metroid Prime 4, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Bayonetta 3 are yet to arrive, and that’s on top of the many releases already announced for this year. If supplies don’t become a big problem and Nintendo can keep some interesting hits, things are looking rosy for 2022!

Annual accounts for the year 2021

Notes for the year 2021

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