Laptop Processor Vs Desktop Processor

Laptop Processor Vs Desktop Processor – What’s the Difference? 2022

Laptop Processor Vs Desktop Processor – two different types of processors for two different types of devices. But which one is the best for you? In this article, we will compare and contrast the two processors and help you decide which one is right for you.

There are many differences between laptops and desktops, but most of them are not so much. I think the most important difference is the speed and performance of both. If you are looking for some best features of the laptop.

The two main types of processors are laptop processors and desktop processors. Laptop processors are designed for portability and battery life, while desktop processors are designed for raw power and performance.

Laptop processors are typically slower than their desktop counterparts. However, they consume less power, which helps extend the battery life of your laptop. Laptop processors are also typically smaller in size, which helps make your laptop more portable.

Desktop processors are designed for raw power and performance. They are typically faster than laptop processors and can handle more demanding tasks. However, desktop processors consume more power, which can shorten the lifespan of your desktop computer. Desktop processors are also usually larger, which can make your desktop less portable.

So, which type of processor is right for you? If you need portability and battery life, a laptop processor is the way to go. If you need raw power and performance, a desktop processor is the way to go. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your needs and preferences.

Differences Between Laptop And Desktop Processors

Cooling Headroom

The cooler is used to keep the processor cool. It has twice the cooling power as a typical laptop cooling system. Even low-end desktop coolers such as the stock cooler Intel ships with its processors can be vastly superior to the cooling power that’s more expensive.

There’s more power in a processor that has more thermal headroom. The clock speed of a desktop processor is higher than the clock speed of a laptop.

Number Of Cores

Power and thermal constraints must be faced by the laptop processor. There is a limited amount of storage space on a laptop. These factors can lead to a desktop processor with more cores than a laptop does.

The i5 8300H is the laptop processor, while the i5 8300H is the desktop processor. The 8300H only has four cores while the 8400 has six. The more cores you have, the better your performance is.

Laptop And Desktop Processor: Socket

There are different sockets for the processor to be inserted into the laptop or desktop. The majority of laptop processors are soldered to the board. They are not usually replaceable or removed.

There is separate sockets or slot for the processor in a desktop computer. The processor can be removed without difficulty. It is possible to update the processor on the desktop.

The Laptop Is More Convenient Than Desktop

The laptop is more convenient than a desktop. You don’t need to move your computer desk or table to work on your laptop. If you are sitting on a sofa, then you can use a laptop. The screen is small but it has high-resolution that will let you view it. It is easy to carry and it is also light in weight.

It Is Easy To Travel With A Laptop

You can use a laptop while traveling. If you are sitting on a bus, then you can use a laptop for work. If you are on a train, then you can use the laptop to watch movies or read books. You can even watch videos on the internet, but you need to connect your laptop to the internet.

It Is A Portable Computer

If you are looking for the best features of a laptop, then the portable feature is one of them. You can carry a laptop anywhere and it is easy to use it. If you want to play games or watch movies, then you can carry your laptop with you. If you are in a college or university, then you can carry your laptop for studying.

It Has A Great Battery Life

The battery life of the laptop is much better than a desktop. You can use it for almost 5 hours if you are using it in full-screen mode. In the past laptops had limited battery life, but now they have more battery life.

It Is Easy To Use

If you are looking for the best features of a laptop, then it is a must. The operating system of a laptop is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to learn how to use a new laptop. It is easy to use and you can use it even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.


These are the top 5 features of the laptop. If you are looking for a laptop, then you should consider the mentioned features. If you are looking for some best features of the desktop, then I have also shared with you some best features.

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