iMobie AnyTrans 8 Review – Is it the Best iPhone Manager?

iMobie AnyTrans

Name: AnyTrans

Offer a price: 31.99

Currency: USD

Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX

Application category : Usability

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  • Power
  • Interface
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iMobie AnyTrans is an excellent software to control iPhone, iPad from PC or Mac. It is a good alternative to iTunes.


  • Excellent user interface
  • Easily transfer your photos and videos between your PC/Mac and your iPhone/iPad.
  • Wireless backup
  • Other interesting features have


  • There is no free version
  • Requires the iTunes desktop application.

To transfer content from iPhone/iPad to PC, you need additional software. In this case, the new AnyTrans 8 may be an option and an alternative to iTunes. But is it ideal? You will find out after reading this unbiased review of AnyTrans.

Unlike Android phones, Apple mobile devices or tablets don’t allow you to transfer anything easily without iTunes or other additional software. So, there are several programs that can help you make your task easier. Some are better than iTunes in terms of features. AnyTrans is one of them. That is the subject of this article.

iMobie AnyTrans 8 Feedback

AnyTrans is a great alternative to iMobie’s premium iTrans. It can perform many tasks, especially file transfer and backup services are very useful, even better than iTunes. The previous version was one of the best. But recently iMobie released AnyTrans 8, which lets you take your iPhone/iPad to the next level. The latest software has brought some interesting features. Just read the article about AnyTrans, you will learn a lot.


AnyTrans has many features, some of them basic. These are the best features.

  1. Synchronization and transmission
  2. Application and file management
  3. Head of Airborne Safeguarding
  4. Responsible for calling
  5. Android File Converter for iPhone
  6. iPhone clone
  7. Backup Manager
  8. iCloud Explorer
  9. Multimedia downloader
  10. Social messaging manager
  11. Screen mirror
  12. And many additional features

These four main characteristics are. But if you use it, you will find many small features.

Synchronisation and transmission

With AnyTrans, you can easily transfer content between PC and iPhone. Just connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. Open the AnyTrans application. Then translate what you want. The latest version makes it even easier to transfer photos, music and other content.

Aviation safety

This is probably a feature you are used to. Now you don’t have to laboriously connect your iOS devices with a cable or reconnect them to your PC. Because you can wirelessly back up the contents of your iPhone. To do this, you must be on the same network.

Effective Backup Manager

With Advanced Backup Manager, you can save all the contents of your phone on your PC and restore them if necessary. All information is stored in a secure environment. It’s actually a decent backup feature. But the best feature is probably the one-click backup. You don’t have to go through many steps in Antrans. Because it has the ability to save with one click.

Go beyond iTunes

Now you can stream music freely from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer and iTunes. You can export your favorite songs from your iPhone to your PC or iTunes library. Best of all, you can even transfer your playlist to your new iPhone. Moreover, you can use it to restore your iTunes library with a single click.

Forwarding Whatsapp messages to another iPhone

Whatsapp messages cannot be transferred to the new iPhone in the usual way. But AnyTrans 8 has made it possible. Now you can transfer your Whatsapp messages to your new iPhone with this iOS manager. And it’s very easy to do.

Create your own ringtone

Another useful feature is the ringtone management function. Allows you to create custom ringtones from any piece of music and save them to your iPhone.

Clone and transfer iPhone between iOS devices

This is another function you can find when using the device. You can clone an iOS device easily. To do this, connect two iPhones to your computer and open AnyTrans. Then use this function. For example, one is an old phone and one is a new one. Anytrans can transfer all data from the old device to the new one, leaving all settings and information unchanged. So you don’t have to struggle with complicated settings and other boring things.

Some other cold properties

Apart from that, AnyTrans has other interesting features. Application and file management is excellent. You can customize the home screen of your iPhone directly from your PC. You can do many important things, such as. B. Set a custom ringtone, browse iCloud files, download videos and music directly to your iPhone, transfer photos and videos to a PC/iCloud, etc. In iTunes, it can seem complicated. But with AnyTrans, everything is so simple and convenient.

Efficiency and depth of anyTran

The overall performance of AnyTrans is excellent. I have not noticed any problems when using it. Transferring files between PC and iPhone and other functions went smoothly. However, when you connect your iPhone to PC, it may initially take some time to synchronize all the information. Other than that, everything looks smooth and impressive.

User Interface:

Any modern software should have a good user interface. In this case, iMobie AnyTrans is excellent. You will definitely like the user interface. In the latest version it has been given a new look. It is very beautiful, modern, simple and easy to use. When you connect your iPhone, you get all the options you need on its home screen. All functions are very easily accessible. I have no complaints about the AI.


In my entire life, I have yet to find a single piece of software that is 100% perfect in all areas. Since this is an AnyTrans article, I should also point out the other side of the coin. The only major problem I found is that there is no free version, but a seven-day trial version with limited functionality.

Distinctions and discounts:

AnyTrans costs $39.99 per computer. A family license, which allows you to use the program on five computers, costs $59.99. But the good news is that it comes with lifetime updates. So once you’ve paid for it, you can use it forever. But visitors can get an additional 20% discount. You can now purchase AnyTrans for Windows for only $31.99 USD. To take advantage of this discount, click on the following link and use the promo code .


If you don’t need a complicated program to control your iPhone or iPad, iMobie AnyTrans may be a good option for you. I have no problem recommending it. In fact, it’s one of the most perfect iPhone managers I’ve ever used. So you can use it even if you don’t mind spending $32. Also check out iMazing. It is also a good alternative to iTunes. By the way, if you want a much cheaper solution, you can choose IOTransfer, which offers fewer features.

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