How to Take Screenshot on Android TV [Definitive Guide] (2021)

Side loading apps on Android devices provides additional functionality to smart devices (including smartphones, TVs and tablets). And you can mimic the same on your smart TV to activate hidden features like screenshot, app shortcuts, redirect buttons, etc. If you’ve ever wanted to take a screenshot on your Android TV, the steps to take screenshots aren’t as simple as on a regular Android smartphone. However, by loading a third-party application, users can take screenshots with one tap. In this article, I will explain how to take screenshots on Android TV.

The ability to take screenshots is enabled by default on Smart Android TVs. However, we can’t take screenshots with the normal Android TV remote. Fortunately, we can enable this feature with third-party button migration applications.

There are several button mapping apps in the Google Play Store, but not all of them are as useful as Button Mapper by flar2. Yes, the app allows users to reassign the buttons on the Android TV remote to other functions.

There are TVs with the Android operating system, such as. B. the Nvidia Shield TV, which has a built-in tool for taking recordings and screenshots. However, many smart TVs are not equipped with such tools.

So, if you want to take a screenshot on your Android TV, you can download the Mapper app on your smart TV. Apparently, the app is available for free (with in-app purchases) in the Google Play Store. One of the best things about the application is that it does not require root access or ADB commands for most actions. And the application only weighs 5.4 MB when downloaded.

So, let’s get straight to the steps.

Create screenshots on Android TV (with the toggle buttons)

If you are watching your favorite series or movie and want to take a screenshot of a great scene, you can follow the steps below. I am testing this application on an Android 10 TV from Google. Fortunately, it also works with older TV sets. So you can follow these instructions and start taking screenshots on your Android TV.

Enable button assignment of unit access service

  1. First, you need to download the Button Mapper application to your Android TV.
  2. To do this, go to the Google Play Store, click on the search icon and press Ok on your Android TV remote.
  3. Now type Button mapper in the search box and click on the Button mapper application icon in the search results.
  4. Then click on Install. It takes a few seconds for the application to load on your smart TV.
  5. When you are finished, click the Open button to open the Mapper button.
  6. When you launch the application for the first time, a pop-up window appears asking you to enable access services for the Button Mapping application; clicking Ok opens the Settings application.
  7. In the Settings application, go to Device Settings.
  8. Then scroll down the list and tap the Availability option.
  9. Under Services in the Availability section, click the Mapping Service button.
  10. Now activate the button mapping service by flipping the switch.
  11. Here’s how.

Press the key to take screenshots:

  1. Now open the Mapper Button application. You can long press the Home button on the Android TV remote control to display all applications.
  2. Once you open the app, it will show you a number of buttons on your Android TV remote that you can assign to different functions.
  3. In this case, I flip the home button to take screenshots. To do this, click on the home button option.
  4. Now activate the toggle option for the parameter.
  5. You can override the keys for actions such as single tap, double tap and long tap.
  6. I use the double-tap function for screen shots, if you use the same function, press the double-tap button.
  7. Now select the Screenshot option in Actions. You have to scroll down a bit to find the Screenshot option.
  8. Here’s how.

You can then open your favorite app and double tap the home button to take a screenshot on your Android TV. You can even take screenshots of the Settings app and other standard apps available on your smart TV.

Most Android TVs have compact remote controls with a selection of useful buttons. However, there are vendors who offer remote controls with a keychain.

If your Android TV remote has number keys, you can also assign those keys to actions such as screenshots.

To do this, go to the Button Mapper application and click the Add Button option.

Press the Add option again and press the 0 button on the remote control.

Now move the button accordingly, this time I use the long push option. Then select Screenshot as the action. Here’s how.

However, if you follow the instructions above, you can take screenshots in most applications (if they are allowed). However, some restricted apps, such as Disney+ Hotstar, Chrome’s incognito mode and others, won’t let you take screenshots. In that case you may see a blank screen print.

Access to screenshots on Android TV

Once you’ve taken a screenshot on Android TV, you’ll need a file management application to access it. You can download any file management application from the Google Play Store and open the screenshots on your TV. I use File Commander, which you can get from the Google Play Store.

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Learn how to take a screenshot on Android TV here. Do you have any questions? Then leave it in the comments section. Share this article with your friends too.

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