How to Strikethrough text in Discord? Other Markdowns explained

Discord offers a variety of text formatting options to help you read and convey your message more efficiently and correctly. This is done using the Markdown markup language, which is used to format plain text.

Ideally, this is the text-to-HTML syntax for web designers. It was developed in 2004 and is mainly used for formatting readme files, forum threads and in general for converting plain text into richer, higher quality and more readable text. Markdown, for example, makes formatting easier. B. Bold, italic, and many other words.

The Mismatch statement allows you to format the text as follows:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Read more
  • Sketch

While this type of formatting can be applied individually, it can also be combined to become bold underline, italics or even strikethrough.

In this article we will examine the crossed out text in detail, and then summarize another reference in the Discordances section.

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A strikethrough is a horizontal line that runs through the middle of the text. This is the typographic representation of the resulting text, for example. B. S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶g̶h̶. This option is used to mark incorrect text or text that should be deleted. In contrast to censored text, where the text cannot be crossed out, crossed out text remains legible.

Markdown allows you to type in text with simple syntax.

Syntax of strikethrough text

To strikethrough text in the discrepancies section, the user must press the tilde key (~) twice at both ends of the text they wish to strikethrough.

The tilde key is located in the upper left corner of every computer keyboard and the punctuation menu is present on every mobile phone.

Strike out middle of wording

In Discord, it is easy and convenient to apply formatting other than strikethrough if the user wishes. The following text is struck through and in bold.

Deductions for folded text

When two different formatting styles are integrated, the writing order is irrelevant until the last open command is closed.

Incorrect method

Because the last open punctuation mark was not closed first for formatting, the text was not made bold. The correct method is below.

Correct method

Message: A scribble on a page does not result in a write-off. This is only possible with two scribbles on either side of the text.

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The other three designations are used in combination and separately in the following table.

Formatting style Syntax in Discord Example
Italic An asterisk (*) on each page of the text. * ♪ Italicize ♪
Bold Double asterisk (**) on both sides of the text. **Bold text**
Bold Italic Italics+bold – Three asterisks (***) on either side of the text. ***Bold text***
Read more Two underscores (__) on either side of the text. Tagged…
underline boldly Underline+bold are two asterisks and two underscores (**__) on each side of the text. **With courage.
Bold and italic Underscore+bold+cursive – Three asterisks and two underscores (***__) on either side of the text. ***Bold italics with a subtle font.

Markdown syntax for bold, italic and underline.

The observed conclusion for all the above syntax is as follows.

Output for all table syntaxes

In addition to normal formatting, markup also offers other features, such as the insertion of whitespace, code blocks and spoiler tags.

Insertion of blank lines

As with most other word processors and email programs, you must use the Shift+Enter key combination to insert a blank line or move to the next line without completing the first one.


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Units of code

The code block allows the user to highlight a specific text or code. The code block syntax is slightly different for single-line and multi-line blocks.

The key used for code blocks is an accent grave (`) located on the key to the left of the 1, in the upper left corner of most keyboards.

For a single line, the coarse accent should be used only once on either side of the line, while for multiple lines it should be used three times (`) on either side of the text.

Syntax of single-line and multi-line code blocks

Note that for a block with a one-line code, the block is visible in the edit area itself, but for a block with multi-line codes, the block is visible when the text is sent, not in the edit area.

spoiler tag

Inserting spoiler tags hides the text when it is sent to the user. To see the hidden text, the recipient must click on the black area and the spoiler will open.

You can insert a spoiler using the arrow symbol (|), the key above the Enter key on most keyboards. To hide a particular text, the user must add two pipe symbols on either side of the text.

Spoiler marks

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