How To Get Infinite Ammo Using Weapon Mods

Outriders differs from other cooperative third-person role-playing games by its special RPG system. Players can customize their weapons and armor by choosing from a wide range of upgrades that improve their gear and unlock awesome synergies. With one of the most popular module combinations available today, you’ll have an endless supply of ammo and never have to think about reloading again. Dr. Abraham Zahedi’s playstation is used for this no-limit chuck. So, with the help of special mods, let’s see how you can get infinite ammo in Outriders.

How do I get unlimited ammo in Outriders?

You have to use weapon mods in Outriders to get infinite ammo or unlimited ammo. When you combine certain weapons, you create a synergy that allows you to reuse unlimited ammo if you meet certain conditions, as indicated in the game description.

Here are some of the non-class specific weapon mods you can use:

  • The critical shots of the Brainiac
    consume no ammunition.
  • Shooting with the Amalthea
    There is a 20% chance that a critical shot will not destroy the ammunition.
  • Clip
    If you have 50% or less ammo left in your magazine, you can quickly reload all your equipped weapons.
  • Perpetual
    You immediately reload your magazine when you kill an enemy with 30% or less ammo left in the magazine.

Weapon models for continuous ammunition

There are mods that are tied to certain classes you play, so below are a few listed:

Weapon changes The possibility to link with Description
Absorption of the sphere Feeding the flames Replenishes 20% of the ammo in your journal for each enemy hit by this skill.
Additional Mag Volcanic Circles This ability is effective for an additional storage area before hypothermia sets in.
Weapon changes The possibility to link with Description
Boom for your money. Instrument of destruction Activating the skill increases the ammunition of the selected tool by 100%.
Emergency Wizard Disabled laps. This ability is effective for an additional storage area before hypothermia sets in.
Cheat the sleeve Disabled laps. When this skill is active, lethal shots will give you 30% more bullets in your magazine.
Quartermaster Fixing shaft Activating this skill replenishes a weapon magazine for each ally. Hypothermia for 45 seconds.
Weapon changes The possibility to link with Description
Timely delivery Slow fall. Activating this skill replenishes the ammunition of allied weapons within range.
Patterns trade Twisted balls While this skill is active, kill shots replenish 20% of the ammo in your warehouse.
Additional assistant Twisted balls This capacity is effective for 2 chargers before recharging.

Note that the Devastator is designed as a melee tank, so there are no weapon mods that specifically grab this weapon class without restriction. But you can use many workarounds with their class weapon models.

Note that there are other ways to get infinite ammo in the game, but it puts your account at risk. In fact, there are online outrider trainers you can use, but they may cause your account to be reported for fraud. You will not be banned, but you will have a visible watermark, and you will not be associated with other legitimate players. Instead, it’s best to follow the paths recommended by the game to get unlimited ammo.

That’s all you need to know about how to get infinite ammo in Outriders. While you’re here, check out more tips and tricks, like our Outriders guides:

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