How to Change Mouse DPI Settings in Windows 10

Changing mouse DPI is usually a concern for gamers, especially in first-person shooters where mouse DPI or sensitivity plays an important role in improving aiming in the game. Most gamers want to use the same DPI settings (usually 400, 800 or 1200) as some of the professional gamers at the top of the game.

However, changing the DPI of your mouse can be tricky, depending on whether you have a gaming mouse or a regular mouse without a driver. In this guide, you will learn how to change the DPI of your mouse in Windows 10 depending on the mouse you are using.

What is mouse IPR? DPI stands for dots per inch. This is the unit of measurement used to estimate the number of dots (or pixels) the cursor can move across the screen when you move the mouse in real time per inch. So if the mouse DPI is 800, moving the mouse an inch will move the cursor exactly 800 pixels on the screen.

How to change the DPI settings of a gaming mouse

If you have a gaming mouse, you can change the DPI settings of the mouse directly through the drivers. Most gaming mice come with a driver CD or a downloadable Internet address where you can download and install the driver software. This type of software from the manufacturer usually allows you to adjust the settings of any device of the same brand.

For example, you’ll want to use Razer synapse if you have a Razer mouse, Logitech G Hub for a Logitech mouse, SteelSeries Engine for a SteelSeries mouse, etc.

Note that you cannot use any other software not designed for the mouse. For example, you cannot change the mouse DPI settings in SteelSeries Engine if you are using a Razer mouse, because the application is only designed for the mouse and other devices of the same brand.

Since the configuration software of the different brands have different interfaces, we could not show you an exact guide on how to change the DPI of your mouse in each of these programs. This is not difficult because most of these programs have a well-designed user interface that is very easy to use.

To change the DPI settings of a gaming mouse :

  1. Install the driver and configuration software for the mouse.
  2. Open the configuration software and search for the parameter with the keyword DPI and/or Sensitivity.
  3. Change the DPI settings of the mouse (usually a cursor) to suit your preferences.

Below are some screenshots of the mouse DPI settings in various configuration programs.

Setting the DPI (sensitivity) of the mouse in the Logitech G-Hub

Mouse DPI settings in Razer Synapse for the development mouse

Configuring DPI settings for a SteelSeries mouse in the SteelSeries Engine

Change the DPI of a Windows 10 mouse to a normal mouse

If your mouse is a regular mouse that is not supported by configuration software because Windows 10 does not have DPI mouse settings, you only have two options.

  • Change the sensitivity of the Windows mouse.
  • You can also manually measure the DPI of the mouse and adjust the sensitivity of the Windows mouse to the desired DPI value.

Changing the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10

Like the DPI value of a mouse, mouse sensitivity determines the speed at which the mouse pointer moves across the screen. Unlike DPI, there is no number in Windows 10 that represents sensitivity. The mouse sensitivity is just a slider with levels you can select.

To change the mouse sensitivity in Windows 10, do the following

  1. Search for Mouse Options in the Windows 10 search bar and open it.
  2. There are two sliders that allow you to change the sensitivity of the mouse.
    • In the Mouse Settings window, under Cursor speed, drag the slider to change the mouse sensitivity.

    • You can also click the Advanced Mouse Options button in the Related Options pane, and then click the Pointing Options tab. Under Selecting pointer speed, you can use the slider to change the mouse sensitivity.

The two sliders are essentially the same. Change in one affects the other.

Manually checking and measuring the DPI value of a mouse.

If you really want to adjust mouse sensitivity to a specific number of DPI, you can manually measure the current DPI of the mouse and adjust Windows mouse sensitivity to the desired DPI.

Before measuring the mouse DPI, there is an option that must be disabled to get an accurate mouse DPI when measuring. Find and open the mouse settings in Windows 10. Click the Advanced Mouse Options button, and then click the Pointer Options tab. In the Movement area, deselect the option Increase pointer accuracy.

This option works the same way as mouse acceleration. As a result, the sensitivity of the mouse increases as you move it faster, meaning that the DPI of the mouse varies with the speed at which you move it. Most professional FPS players will have this option disabled.

Follow the steps below to measure the DPI of your mouse.

  1. Prepare a sheet of paper (large enough to serve as a temporary mouse pad) and draw 5 cm lines on it.
  2. Go to the following website:
  3. On the web page, enter 2 as the distance to the target and select inches as the unit (or 5 and CM as the unit).
  4. Now place the mouse at the beginning of the line on the paper you prepared earlier.
  5. Move the mouse to the end of the line on the paper by holding down the red target button on the web page.
  6. Note the actual DPI and repeat the process several times to get a more accurate average DPI.

2 inches and 5 cm are just an example. You can use a longer or shorter line to measure DPI. Make sure you also change the target distance on the web page if you use a different line length.

Now that you can measure the DPI of your mouse manually, you can change the sensitivity of your mouse and measure again until you find the sensitivity that matches the DPI you want.

Description to share: How can I set the DPI of my mouse to 400 or 800 like a professional gamer? Depending on whether you have a gaming mouse or a regular mouse, follow these steps.

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