Hitman 3 Update 1.04 – Patch Notes on March 30

Today, IO Interactive released the 3.20 update for Hitman 3. Below we show you all the details of this update on the 30th. March 2021.

You can now download and install Hitman 3 Update 1.04. The file size on PS5 is 2GB, depending on the platform. Today’s update includes Act 1 Premium DLC, Berlin Egg Hunt, Season of Greed and bug fixes.

If you are confused about the version numbers :

  • Global Verion: 3.20
  • PS5 version: 1.004
  • PS4 version: 1.04

Hitman 3 Patch Notes 1.04 (1.004.000)

New content

The Law of the Seven Deadly Sins 1 : Greed

Seven Deadly Sins appears in HITMAN 3 as a new 7-piece premium expansion. Act 1: Greed will be the 30. Mars will be for sale and invites players to travel to Dubai for another escalation in 3 phases: List greed and unlock the rewards of sin…. How greedy do you feel?

Complete the task, collect the coins (which are rightfully yours) and feed the frog to reap your rewards. These rewards help you complete additional tasks that are unlocked after you complete the previous one. Should you finish the level now or get greedy and look for more coins?

Any coins you’ve collected in a given stage will carry over to the next stage of Escalation, allowing you to feed the frog and get more useful rewards.

If you indulge in the greedy enumeration, players will be rewarded with three permanent unlocks: The Quick Suit, the Little Greedy Piece, and the Devil’s Staff, which can be used anywhere in the Death World. When you use the Devil’s Rod as a melee weapon in other contracts, it generates a Greed Token to remind you of your greed.

A compendium of the seven deadly sins and the law 1 : Greed will be available in digital stores from 13:00 GMT. For more information, see our announcement on the seven deadly sins.

Seasonal Event : Searching for eggs in Berlin
Watch out for the white rabbit… The first seasonal event for all owners of HITMAN 3 takes Agent 47 to Berlin, which has been revamped for the Berlin Egg Hunt. This exclusive Club Hell event has a strict dress code and a limited number of participants. Your knowledge of the club’s appearance will therefore be crucial.

The Berlin egg hunt takes place from 30. March to the 12th. April and brings a seasonal touch to the Berlin site with new decorations and graffiti and new game items (eggs!) to collect and use. Each level of this seasonal climb brings new challenges and goals to pursue. Attend this event and unlock the raver outfit to show your love for techno.

April Roadmap Greed Season
The seven deadly sins are our new focus for publishing content, so we’re changing the name of our roadmaps. It’s just that the title of the game changes the roadmap, and HITMAN 3 owners can still expect additional content for the game at no extra cost. All of this means that instead of the April playbook, we will begin the Season of Greed, which will run through the 10th. May is running when the next season of HITMAN 3 Sin begins.

We plan to release a full preview of the content (including a trailer!) of our Season of Greed in the first full week of April. Be careful. To learn more about how we function in times of sin, check out our announcement on the seven deadly sins.

HITMAN 3 The Elusive Target

The countdown to HITMAN 3’s first elusive goal begins with the release of the March patch. On the menu, you will see a clock that runs until 9 o’clock. In April, the Collector will come to Dartmoor for 10 days.

HITMAN 3 – free starter pack

Download the free starter pack of HITMAN 3 now and play from 30. March to 5. April free in Dubai!

Experience the beginning of the World of Killing trilogy and begin your journey to become the world’s greatest killer. More information about the announcement of the free starter pack.

General updates

Stability Improvements
We have fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash or, in rare cases, load forever.

The Requiem set returns and is included in the H1 GOTY Access Pass. Owners of HITMAN 3 who have installed the H1 GOTY Access Pass will also have access to the three items in the Requiem Pack.

We have fixed several issues that were preventing players from unlocking the following trophies: Shortcut Killer, Dune Rider (Dubai), Full House (Dartmoor), Rich Harvest (Mendoza), Future Shock (Chongqing), Pure Poetry (Port Hantou)

We have also implemented fixes for the following issues required to unlock certain trophies/achievements: Discover Dubai, discover Mendoza.

Players facing this issue will need to unlock the corresponding trophies/achievements when they start the game after installing patch 3.20. We know some players also have mustaches with other trophies/achievements. We follow them and work on updates for them.

Framerate Unlock
Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X users can now choose between locked/30fps or unlocked framerate. Lock is the default option. During testing, we got a very consistent frame rate for all three games in the trilogy on the Xbox One X, with only occasional drops.

We’ve fixed the floating white nozzle issue (bonus on pre-order) on the Trinity suit pistols.

Leadership Positions
We fixed an issue that could cause players to see unstable leadership positions after completing a mission. In some cases, this indicates players who are doing worse than the overall ranking, i.e. 501/500.

Standard Camouflage
We fixed an issue that could cause the 47 to start in a suit even when a forced camouflage start slot was selected. In some circumstances, this may arouse his immediate suspicion.

Silent Weapons We fixed an issue that could cause the sound effects of the Bartoli 12G and the Checkers A33 to not play when fired by an NPC.

We fixed an issue where the penetration bonus on Bartoli Woodsman’s ICA shotgun shell was not displaying correctly.

Interactive Font Size
We have added additional options for the size of interactive prompts, allowing players to choose from a font size of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35. Choosing a larger font size may result in overlapping text in cluttered areas where multiple prompts are displayed.

Visual Accuracy
We fixed issues in several places where textures could disappear at certain angles, elements could appear to float, or the camera position in a certain place could make Agent 47 disappear.

Silent Weapons We have fixed some inconsistencies with several silent weapons. The HKW21 Pale Home Silencer, ICA DTI Stealth, ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert, DAK Gold Covert and DAK Black Covert have all lost the suffix Suppressor in their inventory descriptions. Moreover, the CIA’s concealed tactical shotgun was not considered a silencing weapon by the NSC. That has now changed too.

Holster Audio
We fixed the issue that was causing the holster sound effect to not go off.

Normal vs Medium
We have changed the text of some graphics setting descriptions to match those of the game and launcher. The average is the new normal.

Version ID
We have added an extra line in the settings menu to also show the current version ID of the game. This will help us resolve development and player issues.

We have updated the credits of HITMAN 3 to reflect the work that has been done since the release of the game. We have also fixed a few bugs and added a few new team members.

Change of location: Dubai, UAE

Drop BodyWe have solved the problem of not being able to drop bodies from the top of some buildings in Dubai.

Wait, what water?
We solved the problem of overflowing sinks in one of the bathrooms in Dubai.

. We put a guard on the VIP balcony in Dubai to enforce housebreaking. He had a habit of letting the 47 in too easily and without consequence.

We identified a problem where Carl Ingram often repeated a line of dialogue when using a recorder.

Change of location: Dartmoor, England

Safe spaceWe have solved a problem where 47 could be seen by guards who were outside when he was in the greenhouse at Dartmoor.

Corpse container
We have found a solution to the problem with some containers on Dartmoor where a notice on the side of container 47 allowed the body to be deposited. He wasn’t allowed to do that, so the body had to be thrown into the air. We deleted the reference.

Change of location: Berlin, Germany

Inaccurate weapons We solved a problem where the description of the weapons carried by the targets in Berlin was inaccurate.

We fixed the problem that the debug text looks like a target after performing some actions in Berlin.

Unidentified Target
We fixed an issue that could prevent the target from displaying in Instinct and adding target information to the Intel menu.

Change of location: Chongqing, China

This was Silenced
We want to give Reddit user u/StealthyBastard94 an award for the most entertaining bug report in HITMAN 3 in March. Here you can read how they won this prestigious and unique award. We have now changed the description so that it no longer says that the weapon is silent.

Shortcuts in Chongqing We have fixed an issue where unlocking a shortcut in Chongqing could cause players to not be able to unlock all the corresponding shortcuts.

Controller We fixed an issue that could cause inconsistencies in the controller’s mission history.

We removed a piece of a floating shelter in Chongqing.

Phoenix Discourse
We solved the problem when 47 people in Chongqing were able to hack a laptop even though they did not have the correct login credentials. We know that’s the point of hacking, but it makes sense if you play the game.

Change of location: Mendoza, Argentina

Security Gate
We fixed an issue in Mendoza where an incorrect destination was displayed in the menu after interacting with the security gate terminal.

Contracts We fixed an issue where contracts created on Mendoza were not always loaded according to their creation date.

Grape Cage
We have (apparently) solved a problem where 47 people could get stuck in a grape cage in Mendoza.
(Editor’s note: I sometimes wonder if our developers aren’t just making up some of these fixes to see if they can get into the patch notes…).

Security Conflict
We have corrected an issue that could lead to some inconsistencies with the location of the security officer and sommelier in Mendoza.

Grape press
We fixed a problem where some bodies could not be held in the grape press.

Change of location: Carpathians, Romania

Mountain RidgeWe have solved a problem that can cause small problems in the environment, including water.


Change in location of heritage site HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2

Patient Zero
We fixed an issue where the Playthrough option would not appear after completing one of the first three missions in the Patient Zero campaign.

Hidden Pigeon
We’ve fixed an issue that was making it difficult to find a specific pigeon on the Sky Stone Sniper Assassin map. We call it an internal bug fix: a small tree modified to hide a pigeon.

Recreational Beach
We resolved an issue where a particular lifeguard was not responding to a truck explosion. Lazy.

Zoom Miami
We fixed an issue that could cause visibility problems with the zoom of the Miami sniper rifle.

Stick Man
We solved a problem in Santa Fortuna where some trees had no collision character and 47 could just walk (or run) over them.

Yoga Guard
We have solved the problem of a certain guard in Mumbai who was holding his gun above his head with his arms twisted.

Elite Guard
We have fixed the problem that was causing the Elite Guard’s canopy to turn off on Sgail Island.

Bank MirrorWe solved a problem that made it impossible to shoot through the mirror between the conference room and the CEO’s private office in New York (Bank).

Virtual Reality (PS VR)

VR crashes fixed
We have improved stability and fixed some issues that could cause the game to crash in VR.

HokkaidoWe fixed the issue where Agent 47 kept falling off the map if you jumped off the railing on Dexter’s balcony while playing in VR.

We have made some changes to reduce the flicker that can appear on some roofs in Berlin and on some plants and hedges in Dartmoor when playing in VR.

We modified the tape measure so it looks better in 47 hands when displayed in VR.


Platform changes: Switch

Regular blackouts
We have fixed an issue that was causing regular blackouts for players.

Platform changes: Level

The camera?
We fixed the issue where depending on the assigned button, we can be displayed as a tooltip when you try to take a picture.

Training Crash
We have fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when switching from guided practice to free practice.

Crash Fix
We fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash when performing various actions: shooting at guards in Himmelstein, shooting at plastic bottles in Dubai, shooting at the camera, and several other instances.

Source : ioi.dk

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