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Don’t forget to visit Diagon Alley, go to Gringotts, and get all your school supplies when we go to Hogwarts for this list!

I love watching people reenact scenes from television and movies. And as a huge Harry Potter fan, I couldn’t resist looking at these awesome ACNH drawings.

If you’re a magic fan like me, you might want to try out some of these Harry Potter-themed ideas for your own island.

And I promise I won’t do too much magic…..

10. Hogwarts Express

Image source: @tinas_intersections

All aboard!

Everyone’s first impression of Hogwarts is before they even enter the famous wizarding school.

The Hogwarts Express will take you to and from school, and you can recreate it on your island in a few simple steps.

Start with a few simple panels that look like the inside of a train, and line them up like a wall.

To make a train set, buy cardboard sofas and place them in the individual train compartments.

Also, make two stands and a kiln out of bricks, and arrange them like this model to form a train locomotive.

Finally, make special nails for the outside wall. You are now ready for your first journey into a magical world!

9. Sweet honey shop

image source @itomoriicrossin

Suppose you are a third year student at Hogwarts and you have been given permission to visit the Hogwarts Wizard Village.

Why don’t you stop by Honey Dukes and let them pamper you?

To begin this design, you will need to install simple panels for your candy shelves and attach them to the walls.

Set up cash tables and make a table out of soft wood.

The rest is decorating the shop from head to toe with different items you can buy or make.

Buy wedding cakes, candy machines, popcorn machines, soft-serve lights, make a fruit basket, water dispenser and even customize some hats to look like cakes.

It’s such a fun design that you don’t want to give it away!

8. Florish and Blotts

Image source by @korok.cove

It’s a new year and you need to buy textbooks.

There’s no better place than Flourish & Blotts for all your spell books.

This design uses multiple levels of shelves, just like in the movies, so make sure you have some bricks for the top level.

The main thing you need here are books (duh), especially to build lots of wooden shelves to display on both levels.

You can also make iron bars to make an entrance door.

But the best are the custom-made countertops and simple panels that look like storefronts and awnings!

7. Dolores Umbridge’s office

image source @acnhfifinova

I’m trying to hold back my anger now because, like most Harry Potter fans, I despise Professor Umbridge with every fiber of my being.

On the other hand, it can be a lot of fun to recreate their office (especially if you like pink).

Start with a sakura wood floor and white pink wallpaper for this design, because Umbridge is too obsessed with pink if you ask me.

Then put an imperial chest in front of his table with a teacup on it (probably full of Veritaseram, so don’t drink it).

Then end up with cats everywhere!

The tapestries and the picture of Flora are cute, but personally I think the picture of the Katzendörfler is a nice tribute to her office.

6. Herbology class

image source: @hogsmeade.cross

If you love plants, your favorite class at Hogwarts might be Herbology.

And if you want to build a custom greenhouse, this one offers a brilliant cross with fantastic plants.

Start by laying a stone path for the floor.

Then set up rows of rattan coffee tables and stools that you can buy at Nook Shopping.

Make a few holders and arrange them in a natural ivy leaf pattern as pictured.

Next, the plants!

Show off all your favorite plants just the way you like them.

This player used anthurium plants on all tables, as well as sample plants, moss bulb plants, and anthurium plants.

Although not required, creating this custom image for Professor Sprout means you are ready for class.

5. Departmental office

Backun Image Source

When you’re done with your Herbology class, head up the stairs to Professor Trelawney’s tower for your Divination class.

While this design doesn’t quite fit the film, I do like the use of a heavy curtain wall that gives the room a dark and mystical feel.

To make this space your own, you need to buy stuff to furnish the student offices, such as. B. Velvet stools and rattan tables.

There’s a fortune teller on every table, and you’re ready to dive into the mystical arts.

4. Quidditch Step

Image source by @name_invalue

It’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for.

October has arrived and Gryffindor is playing against Slytherin in their annual Quidditch match.

This design is almost purely unconventional, but it does involve some handiwork.

I would start by setting up the playing field, which consists of custom boundary line structures, brooms, and even uniforms for the players.

Then you can add some simple panels to the back with a custom design that looks like a crowd and a Hogwarts coat of arms.

Then make a raised square on the sides of the track in the middle and place three nets around it to serve as Quidditch hoops.

Complete each bracket to make each house more attractive and let the games begin.

3. Gryffindor dormitory

Image source by @frenchacnh

When it’s time for bed, head to your dorm and sleep in this cozy Harry Potter setting.

Start with red art deco wallpaper and dark block carpeting, available at Nook’s Cranny.

Then buy a bunch of furniture, like. B. an imperial bed, a fireplace and an imperial chest.

Set up a sitting area with mini tables and wooden chairs with the chess board you and Ron played with all day.

Decorate the walls with your favorite artworks, such as famous paintings, happy paintings and funny paintings.

Oh, and don’t forget the custom Gryffindor patch!

2. Slytherin Common Room

Image source: @bearyjeka

I’m a proud Slytherin, so to be honest I’m a little biased on this project.

You have to admit, it’s just as dark and predictable as the Slytherin living room.

You can do this by purchasing a black botanical wallpaper and a dark wood patterned floor.

Put a pair of black double sofas, a wooden coffee table and a wood burning stove in a small sitting area.

You may also want to make furniture, for example. B. an ironwood cabinet, prison bars and a bamboo shelf.

If you have antique furniture, like. B. an antique clock and desk, you can relax with your fellow Slytherins.

1. Hogwarts Great Hall

Image source by @fatalcollapse

Of course, the main hall had to be the best design.

After all, it is the main attraction of Hogwarts!

This beautiful living room is outside, so you’ll want to start putting in custom brick and wood paths.

Then make a lot of wooden tables and benches and put them in long rows in front of each house.

Put a couple of desks in the office and a gold chair at the end of the room for the teacher’s desk.

Then there’s nothing left but to set the tables with food for the party.

Orange pumpkins, mom’s homemade pies, Christmas tree trunks, fruit baskets and cakes are just a few of the many things you can put in there!

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What is the rarest island in the New Horizons intersection by animals?

Dataminer Ninji has discovered the rarest mysterious island you can visit in Animal Crossing: New horizons. The chance of appearing on the island is less than 1%. To visit them, you must have unlocked the ladder, the jumping station and the town hall.

Can you change the layout of the islands in the New Horizons Animal Crossing game?

Can we change the layout of the island later in the game? Once you have chosen an island map, you cannot change it. However, you can change elements and even move the water and land if you get permission from the island’s designer, so you can make adjustments later.

How do I get a good mystery island on New Horizons?

Animals – new horizons – my…

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