Feature update to windows 10 version 21H1 Error 0x800f081e

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has had a few interesting feature updates, but what happens when your PC gets stuck in an endless reboot cycle. What if the update freezes? Users of Microsoft’s Windows 10 have reported a number of issues with the latest feature update, causing some users to be stuck in an endless reboot cycle. Error code 0x800f081e is one of the errors that users have reported, which is an error code that means “Failure configuring Windows Updates, Reverting Changes.”

Update – Thanks for all the thoughtful responses to this post. I’ve been experimenting with this problem for a couple of weeks now, and I haven’t found a solution yet. I’ll update this post again if I figure it out.

Microsoft have released a new version of Microsoft Windows 10, this update has been specifically designed with gamers in mind, so if your a gamer who uses Windows 10 then this update is worth installing, here is a list of changes that have been introduced in the update. The list of changes in this update includes: -A new feature that will allow you to stream Xbox games onto your PC. -Game Mode -A new gaming center -The return of the start menu -Improvements to Windows Update -Further improvements to Microsoft Edge -A new version of Cortana -Deeper integration with the Xbox One -New Edge extensions -The addition of a dark theme -And a whole lot more! ~~. Read more about microsoft 10 and let us know what you think.Do I get error 00f081e when checking for the Windows 10 21H1 update? Error 00F081E is CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLE, which means that the update cannot be installed on the current system. Or Windows 10 Service Pack cannot be processed. This happens when there is no request or when the installed files have a higher version. Also, the download was interrupted due to an unstable internet connection.

Windows update error 00f081e

  • First, make sure you have a stable internet connection to download the update files from the Microsoft server.
  • Completely uninstall the antivirus program or any other security program from your system.
  • Also, if possible, remove unnecessary third-party applications that may cause conflicts when installing Windows Update.
  • Open Settings -> Time and Language -> Select Region and Language from the list on the left. Check here that the country/region is correctly selected in the drop-down list.

Performing Windows UpdateTroubleshooting

Launch the Windows Update built-in troubleshooter to identify and resolve issues that prevent Windows updates from being installed.

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings application
  • Go to Updates and Security, then Troubleshoot,
  • Then select Windows Update and Run Windows Update Troubleshooter,

This will determine if there are any issues preventing Windows from downloading and installing updates. Once the process is complete, restart Windows and manually check for updates again. word-image-5830

Reset Windows Update Components

If the problem cannot be solved using the Windows Update troubleshooter, you need to reset the Windows Update components and create a new folder to store the Windows Update files. To do this, first open a command prompt as administrator. Then run the following commands one by one:

  1. wuauerv network shutdown
  2. clean stop bits
  3. net stop cryptsvc
  4. c: windows SoftwareDistribution c: windows SoftwareDistribution.OLD
  5. net start cryptsvc
  6. Network Starter Bits
  7. just start wuauserv

This method first stops the Windows Update service and its services. Then rename the SoftwareDistribution.folder and restart the services. The Windows Update packages will then be downloaded to the new folder and error 00f081e should be resolved.

Disable Windows Media Player

Several users have reported that disabling Windows Media Player features has helped them get rid of Windows Update error 00f081e. To achieve that.

  • Press Windows + R, type optionalfeatures.exe and OK.
  • This opens the Windows
  • Here, under Window, Enable or Disable Features, uncheck the Windows Media Player option.

Press Yes when the following message appears: Disabling Windows Media Player may affect other Windows features and programs installed on your computer, including the default settings. Do you want to continue? word-image-5831

  • Click OK to apply the changes, close the dialog, and restart the windows for the changes to take effect.

Install the Windows 10 May 2021 Update now. I’m sure you found no errors this time. And when the installation is complete, reopen the Advanced Properties dialog box and re-enable Windows Media Player. If all the above solutions did not solve the problem, just use the official Media Builder tool or Windows 10 Update Wizard to update Windows 10 version 21H1 without any errors. Also read :When a “Feature update to windows 10 version 21H1 Error 0x800f081e” pops up on your screen and you can’t escape it, you are probably having one of the worst days in your life. You need to know what the “Feature update to windows 10 version 21H1 Error 0x800f081e” is and how to fix it. Well, here we are going to talk about what the “Feature update to windows 10 version 21H1 Error 0x800f081e” is and how to fix it.. Read more about windows os and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error 0x800f081e?

Update 0x800f081e is a problem for a lot of users, you might be one of them. The good news is that error 0x800f081e is one of those errors that can be fixed in a jiffy! All you need is a little know-how. Blog Post: Windows 10 has had several updates since it was first introduced in 2015 and in each update the system has got better and better. This is good news for most users as the new updates have usually fixed the most problematic issues in the previous version. Recently, however, there was a new update which is causing some problems…

What is the feature update to Windows 10 version 1909?

As we approach the October 2019 Update for Windows 10, Microsoft has warned that there could be a few surprises in store. While the firm didn’t give much away, its recent update history notes do reveal one major addition — support for Windows 10 version 1909, more commonly known as the April 2019 Update. As its name suggests, this is the third feature update for the OS. The feature update to Windows 10 version 1909 is the 4th feature update released for Windows 10 version 1809. As of April 2019 the exact version is 20H1. This update is also called Windows 10 April 2019 Update. In the newest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has made it easier for users to try out new features, remove built-in apps, and change which apps are set as defaults. Microsoft has made Windows 10 more secure than ever before with antivirus protection that is always on, and routines that run in the background to safeguard your security. The update also brings a new feature to Windows 10 called Windows Sandbox. This feature will help you run untrusted software without the fear of affecting your device

How do I fix a Windows 10 update error?

If you recently upgraded to Win10 version 21H1 (or later) from an older version of WIndows 10, you may have noticed that you are getting a lot of error messages about problems with Windows Update. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t released a fix for these problems yet, but there are a few things you can do to fix the problems with your Windows Update software. Windows 10 is a pretty solid OS. It’s fast and it’s stable, and with a few minor annoyances, update issues, and a few other quirks, it’s a good OS on which to put your trusty ol’ desktop or laptop. But something always goes wrong when you update, and sometimes there’s no way to fix it. This guide walks you through the process of fixing an update error on Windows 10, and how to fix it yourself.

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