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Welcome to LadiesGamers Deiland: Research guide for the Pocket Planet edition. When we love a game, we love to make guides, and we have some tips and tricks guides that you can find here!

Like Dylan: There are so many quests in Pocket Planet Edition that we thought it would be nice to have a guide to help you out. Don’t know if you’re going to the game or not? Don’t forget to read our review here.

Note that this list of quests is a work in progress as more quests are added to the guide.

Dayland: List of questions for the pocket edition of the planet

The quests… There are many in Dyland. Here is a list of all the quests in the game. If you need help with a particular task, I’ve named the NPC giving the task Arco. Not all quests can be completed immediately, you may have to wait for a certain item or ingredient. And another general tip: If you are missing an item or ingredient for a quest, you should look at what other visitors are selling, as they may have the item or ingredient you need.

Arco Quests

– Pick two berries from the bushes by the lake.
– Use the hoe to plant 2 pine nuts in a spot near the lake. The plant icon changes from red to blue when you have a suitable place to plant the seeds. Do not put trees around the lake, as you will also have to fish from the lake and the trees will obstruct your view of the lake when you fish. I put my trees on one side of the lake and left one side open for fishing.
– Go plant two pine nuts by the lake.
– Light a torch by the campfire, approach the campfire- Light a torch in the fire.
– Gather the resources you need to improve your home with the workshop. 20 x wood and 10 x stone.
– Gather the resources you need to enhance your home with a kitchen. 30 x wood, 50 x stone and 5 x metal rods.
– Add a lab to your house.
– Collect the resources you need to improve your home with a lab. 50 x wood, 100 x stone and 30 x metal rods.


Diland: Search Guide for the Pocket Planet Edition

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Moon lands on his airship to talk to Moon on the ship to get his first quest.
make a hoe (stone x1 wood x1) to work the land, then talk to Moon again.

  • Plant a field of carrots with a hoe. Plant carrots with a hoe in 1 of the 3 squares near your tent. Then talk to Moon to start the next quest.
  • Make a hammer. Build a hammer in the tent of wood x1, stone x1. Then talk to Moon to start the next quest.
  • Build an axe to cut down the trees. Make an axe in the tent after collecting stone, stone x1 wood x2.
  • Make a fire. Use the axe to collect wood and the hammer to collect stones to build a fire near the tent (x2 stone, x4 wood).
  • Light a fire. Use 2 x wood to make a fire.
  • Take the moon to study the construction on the hill. Take a ride with Moon to Alter, the strange device at the center of your planet. Be prepared to fight against the three monsters attacking you.
  • Make sure the sensor is on to get a reliable indication of the planet’s status. If the battery is low, use the sensor lever by pressing button A.
  • When Moon returns, she asks to analyze a bat. You must have one in your items, otherwise you must wait for the planet to be attacked by bats, kill one and get a bat for your trouble.
  • Make two sandwiches for your anchor adventure.
    Make two sandwiches in the kitchen with resources from the garden. Meteors give you a coal when you hit them. If you don’t have any weed, you can buy it at Bram’s. You can also buy cheese in Brama. 1 bread, 2 cabbages and 1 cheese per sandwich. During this time, Mûn will give you a badge that you can use to recall Mûn at any time on your planet, except when there is another visitor.
  • Get 3 leaves for Mûn, he means his 3 metal bars that you should have in your pocket. If you don’t go and hit some rocks on the planet and get caught pretty quickly.
  • Make a pizza with Moon’s recipe for Chef Bram’s. To activate this quest, you must have Brram on your planet, then Mûn will appear to land. You have to land them before they leave the planet! Then make a pizza from the recipe and give it to Bram. You can buy tomatoes in Huta, on the planet Anchor. The recipe calls for 3 x wheat, 2 x tomatoes and 2 x mushrooms.

Bram’s quests

Diland: Search Guide for the Pocket Planet Edition

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If you help Bram land his spaceship, he’ll ask you…

  • Build a fishing rod and catch fish in the lake for Bram. Make a pole at the tent from 2x wood 1x metal 1x sculpture. Then catch a fish in the lake on your planet.
  • Brram gives you a recipe to make a fence, use a hammer to make them. Place at least 5 fences around fields. You need 4 trees for each fence, 18 trees in total.
  • Cultivate corn fields and bring six ears of corn to Bram. Use the 1x corn seeds you get from Bram, plant them in the field, water them, and keep planting and harvesting until you have 6 ears.
  • Get these ingredients to make jelly, but to unlock this quest you must upgrade your house with a kitchen before you can get the quest. You will need wood x 30, stone x 50 and metal rods x 5.
  • Collect 2 x insect wings by killing the giant bees that have invaded your planet. You can find 3 x limicus by killing the green slimy creatures, then prepare your dish in the kitchen of the house.
  • Make pancakes to surprise Moon. Use the kitchen to make pancakes for Moon, you can buy milk from Bram. You will need 2 x blueberries, 3 x wheat and 2 x milk.
  • Get an egg for Bram. Now there must be chickens running around. Feed one of the chickens on your planet until it grows, turns into a cloud of smoke and becomes an egg!
  • Bring a mushroom from the planet Anchor for Bram. Wait for Moon, drop him off at Anchor’s planet and collect all the mushrooms you can find. Go back to your planet and wait for Brram to return, give him the mushrooms.
  • Kill all the bees. Kill all the giant bee monsters that appear when you get the quest.
  • Get five crab legs for Bram. Kill the crab monsters that appear on your planet to get 5 x crab legs, give them to Bram at his next call.


Diland: Search Guide for the Pocket Planet Edition

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  • When Locke arrives, he asks to trade with Arco because there are many stones, I have sold 1 x stone.
  • Make a fabric for the wizard’s bow. Vegetable cotton. Make 2 wells near the fields to access them and grow 3 cottons at a time to speed up the process.
  • Get 3 limes for the lime syrup recipe. You can get Limux from green slime samples that appear randomly.
  • A huge pumpkin harvest for Locke. Plant pumpkin seeds at night, look at the moon. Rotate the planet so that the moon illuminates the area where the pumpkin will be planted. If you move the planet while the symbol on the pumpkins is shining on the moon, you will know if it is good because the symbol will shine. If that doesn’t work, plant more pumpkin seeds and try again, you’ll get a huge pumpkin.
  • Make a magic wand to test your powers. Use the house to make the rod. 2 x wood, 2 x metal rod and 5 x crystals, I had all the raw materials already.
  • Get 3 daisy seeds and 2 bug wings to trade for the next prince story. On the planet Anchor, you can buy daisy seeds from Huta or get them as samples from flower monsters, and insect wings are also samples from a giant bee.
  • Make as many potions as possible to heal Mio’s wounds. Use the lab you must have already built in the house to make 4 healing potions. 5 x Blueberries, 5 x Watermelon and 4 x Glass Bottle.
  • Prepare 3 bottles of oil for Bram. This quest only appears if Bram is already visiting and Locke arrives a few minutes later, there should also be a lab set up in the house. Make sure they are both invited, otherwise you won’t be able to answer the quest. Prepare 3 bottles of Brram oil in the kitchen, with 2 bottles of sunflower oil each.
  • Defeat all poisonous mushrooms. Stay calm, go ahead and kill all the mushroom monsters that roam the planet.
  • Find a frog for Locke to test a youthful drink. Turn the monster into a frog and bring it back to Locke. You can get Lily’s frog spell later, after you learn her spell.
  • Get the ingredients for the explosive drink. Collect resources, the horn is a monster left behind by the magma monsters. 3 x Toad, 3 x Horn and 1 x Vase.

Goliath’s Quests

Diland: Search Guide for the Pocket Planet Edition

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To unlock Goliath’s first quest, you must complete Locke’s fifth quest by making a magic staff for him.

  • Defeat the pirate Goliath. You must fight a new visitor to your planet.
  • Prepare a plate of Dei boletus for Goliath. Use the resources of the kitchen to create a delicious dish. 2 x toad, 1 x mushroom and 1 x mushroom. Mushrooms are found all over the world.
  • Get 30 logs for Goliath. It’s just a tree that Goliath is looking for. You must have wood with you, unless you are cutting down trees, and don’t forget to replant pine seeds, or there will be no more trees on your planet.
  • Get 3 larvae for Goliath. The larvae can be left behind by the monsters or bought from Bram and Umi.
  • Sell crystal to Goliath. Give Goliath a crystal.  The next time he visits your planet, he’ll attack you for selling him the crystal.
  • Build a fireplace on the buried treasure and let it burn until Goliath returns. There is a blue marked spot on the front right side of the lake that you can’t miss, put a fire pit there. This is the biggest fire on the build menu that you have to build.
  • Ask Locke about the pirate song. Talk to Locke, then talk to Goliath.
  • Bring two roast chickens for Goliath. Light the torch and chase the chickens away, or accidentally shoot one when you kill an enemy with a wand, like I did.
  • Prepare a plate of chicken fingers for Goliath. Make a chicken stick in the kitchen with 5 x corn, 3 x carrots and 1 x chicken.
  • Buy pages from the Prince story, buy pages from the Goliath book for 1,000 gold coins.

Yuki Quests

Diland: Pocket Planet Edition, a guide to research

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You must visit Anchor’s planet before Yuki arrives. Sometimes, when a ship lands, a blue round icon with the word Bomb appears at the top of the screen. When this happens, he warns you that Yuki and his pet Bomb are hidden on this ship! Bomb is a blue squirrel that leaves the ship and goes straight to your house, steals some of your resources and then returns to the ship. You must block Bo’s path before she can return to the ship, or you won’t be able to talk to Yuki and some of your food will be stolen.
Once you block Bom’s path, Yuki will appear and you can talk to her until the quest is over or the ship leaves your planet.

  • Make a lollipop for Yuki. Make a lollipop in the kitchen with 5 x blueberries and 1 x milk.
  • Make a silver pendant for Yuki. Make a silver pendant for Yuki in the workshop. You can make money after making a barn for Umi, then bring her 10 x silver ore.
  • Make some jelly for Yuki. Make jelly in the kitchen and give it to Yuki along with 2 insect wings, 3 limucus and 1 healing potion.
  •  Make an invisibility potion for Yuki. Make an invisibility potion in the lab. Salmon can be caught in the lake after the construction of a landing for Moon with 10 x carrots, 2 x salmon and 1 x alcohol.
  •  Make candy for Yuki with Brram’s secret recipe. You can’t complete this quest if you don’t upgrade your house with a lab. Make candy in the kitchen with 1 cake, 1 pie and 1 gummy bear.
  • Make a cake for Yuki. You can’t complete this quest if you don’t upgrade your house with a lab. The kitchen can then prepare a pie for 2 wheat pies, 2 pumpkin pies and 3 blueberry pies.
  •  Offer Yuki a cake in exchange for secret information about the Interstellar Patrol. Make a cake for Yuki.
  • Get the antidote for the sick Yuki. You can buy Lily’s antidote.

Umi Quests

Diland: Search Guide for the Pocket Planet Edition

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First you must find Moon 13. Complete the journey to unlock Ankora. Once there, you are invited to speak with Umi, Ank, who lives in a small tent with a fire and two sheep, between the water and Moon’s ship.

  • Talk to Umi, in a tent near where you land in Anchor.
  • Visit the ice temple to talk to Nidavi. Go to the ice temple opposite Ankora and talk to Nidavi, it’s not hard to find.
  • Build a sheepfold. Return to your planet and build a shelter from 30 x wood and 5 x metal bar.
  • Take 10 x silver ore from Umi and learn to melt it into silver bars.  Silver ore can be extracted from the stone.
  • Collect 15 logs in Hoot. Bring 15 x wood to Hute. You must have them in your gear.
  • Make a sledgehammer Anka. Go back home and forge the hammer to the maximum with 3 x silver and 2 x wood.
  • Collect 5 Ankh berries from Nidavi in the Ice Temple. Take 5 deer berries to Nidavi Temple.
  • Take Lana’s sheep, which was stolen by Goliath, and bring it back to Umi’s camp. Go back to your planet and wait for Goliath to defeat him!
  • Go back and talk to Umi so Goliath can get the sheep back. Go back to Ankora to talk to Umi.
  • Get 4 yellow flowers for Umi. You were supposed to go to Lily to learn how to plant flowers, and she doesn’t want to give you homework until you have a lab. After seeing Lily’s fourth. For the search, plant the chrysanthemum seeds in the flower pots. You can buy seeds at Hoot.
  • tell Umi he’s got a date with Hoot! Talk to Umi.
  • Make sushi for Hoot and Umi’s reconciliation dinner. You can buy seaweed in Umi and rice in Bram. To make sushi, you need 2 salmon, 1 rice and 1 seaweed per sushi.

Haight Quests

  • Get the ingredients for the Ank stew. Collect the ingredients for the stew, the meat you can buy from Umi and drop by the monsters, as well as the bat wings, 2 x meat and 3 x bat wings.
  • Make an offering of Nidavi eggplant in the Temple of Ice. Use the eggplants Hoot gave you and talk to Nidavi in the temple.
  • tell Umi about the food supplies for Hoot. Talk to Umi and bring supplies for Hoot and take the food Umi gave you to Hoot.
  • Talk to Hewett. Make an agricultural hoe. Go home and forge your deck to the max, with 2 x silver and 2 x wood.
  • Plant the anka fruit in Dayland. Plant poplars on your planet near a lake and wait for them to grow.
  • Take 2 balls of wool for the hem. Buy 2 x wool from Umi if you don’t have wool from your sheep yet, then go back and talk to Hute.
  • Make a root ointment for Huta, 3 roots you can buy in Nidavi in the ice temple, 1 alcohol and 1 glass bottle.

Nidawi Searches

Nidavi lives on Anchor, in the Ice Temple. To meet him, you must first complete Mun’s 13th quest and Umi’s first quest. When you arrive, Nidavi has been attacked by a mysterious man. You will be prompted to begin, just wait for the dialogue to resume.

  • Go back to Dylan with Moon. Go back to Moon’s ship and fly to Deyland.
  • Take the diamond as an offering to the Temple of Ice. Buy a diamond from Goliath for 400 gold pieces. A quick way to make money on Goliath is to mine a stone and sell it to Goliath for 2 gold each.
  • Defeat the 3 ice creatures. Kill 3 ice monsters in Anchor, snowmen and wandering lizards so there are a few to kill.
  • Collect the ingredients to make a healing potion for Nidavi. You can buy dandelion seeds at Locke’s. You need 3 ice creams, 2 dandelions and a glass bottle to complete this task.
  • Catch 2 x different kinds of fish and bring them to the ice temple. You can catch salmon after you build a pier for Mun.
  • Bring an invisibility potion for Nido. Make an invisibility potion in the lab with 10 carrots, 2 salmon and 1 alcohol. Talk to Nidavi.
  • Take the Dyland crystal to Nidavi. Go back to Deiland and make a rock crystal in the workshop with 20 crystals. Talk to Nidavi.
  • Make a magic popsicle stick. Upgrade your staff with Return to your forge to make staff 2. You need 5 x wood, 2 x rock crystal and 2 x silver. Money can also be bought from Locke or Umi.

Water lily quests

  • Plant 5 cherry trees and talk to Lily again. Plant the cherry seeds Lily gave you by the lake on your planet. Calling her back as she flew away, pushing out the plant that grew from the secret seed.
  • Take the ingredients and squeeze out the juice for Lily. Use the lab and make juice. 3 x blueberries, 3 x blueberries and 2 x cherries.
  • Make a pot in which you will plant the seeds. Make a 10 x stone pot in the workshop at home. Use a pot, plant the blue corn seeds and water them. Compost can be made in the workshop with: 1x wheat, 1x barbed thorn, 1x cloth. Compost requires picking, which is a sample drop, or you can just buy Lily’s compost.
  • Eliminate carnivorous plants. It’s easy to kill all the plant monsters on your planet with a hoe.
  • Say a prayer of protection. Use the ages on your planet to say a prayer of protection. Candles are for sale at Locke’s. 1 candle, 3 blue tear seeds and 5 crystals.
  • Make a jam jar for the Moon You have to wait until Lily and the Moon are on your planet at the same time. You need 2 nice 2 x blueberry and 1 x healing potion.
  • Get the ingredients for the antidote and talk to Lily. Collect resources, you need the poisoned liquid, which is a monstrous trap from the poisonous mushroom. 2 x poisoned liquid, 5 x acorn and 1 x alcohol.
  • Make a magic life stick and talk to Lily again. You will need 1 silver bar, 25 crystals and 2 gold bars.
  • After you get the ice stick, you can call Lily and she will ask you to upgrade your stick to the maximum! And also learn a life spell that turns monsters into frogs.
  • Turn 3 monsters into frogs and bring them to Lily. Reduce the monster’s health, then use a life spell to turn them into frogs. The easiest place to do this is Anchora.


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