Death end re;Quest Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Death end re;Quest
Genre : Visual Novel System RPG
: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam and PS4)
Developers | Publishers: Compile Heart | Idea Factory
Age Rating: US M | EU 16+
Price : US $29.99 | UK £26.99 | EU €29.99 Release date
: 27. April 2021

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I’ve noticed in the past that age ratings aren’t really in place in the US, and games that involve as much as a bottle of wine get high marks. Games that contain violence are given a lower rating. Games with sexual connotations are highly rated. And in most cases this is not reflected in the European rankings. Therefore, we try to follow the European classification on the site and allow PEGI to classify games as 16+, but we set the limit at 18+. That’s why Death end re; Quest was the subject of this review. I found the idea of combining a visual novel with a turn-based RPG game very intriguing. I have been there and can only conclude that this time it is down to the European rankings. So this time, a warning before you read on!

Wake up in the beginners apartment

The start of the match was a rude awakening from the start. We witness the brutal murder of Shina Ninomiya by a giant monster, while Arata Mizunashi can only look on, horrified and dying. The emphasis should be on the word violent….. You know, we play more video games with death, but that doesn’t mean I want to see all the pain and blood with it.

Beginners Home

Then we see Sheena wake up in a remote village, with no memories. She remembers her name, but nothing of what happened, and decides to go out. A beautiful and colorful meadow welcomes them, and it evokes memories: She is an adventurous traveler in the mystical heavenly capital of Odysseus.

She knows that once every two thousand years, the gates of Odyssey, the mystical heavenly capital, open to the adventurers of pure heart. It is said that people who visit Odysia discover wealth and happiness beyond their wildest dreams. And Sheena wants to bring her mother, whom she remembers, the happiness she needs.

World map

Since the city in heaven is not easy to find, she leaves the Keeper’s house and travels to Hurtis, a military kingdom, to find more information. After a short ride, the lush meadow gives way to a less attractive landscape.

Entoma Scrooge

She saves Rook from the monsters, and he tells her what happened to Odyssey. Rook tells the story of Entom Hill: the curse of the gods, brought to life by the heinous sins of the people of Odysia. Greed, corruption, theft and violence have become commonplace in the world, and the gap between rich and poor is widening. By then, the refugee has torn up the sky, flattened mountain ranges, and destroyed forests and seas. People saw the beast as a heavenly messenger, as God punishing people for their neglect of life.

Tower Rescue

After 10 days, the beast destroyed Hurtis and the surrounding kingdoms, after which the monster’s body suddenly froze and broke into pieces. The shards crashed into the world. But that’s not all, there have been strange cases of people committing suicide, apparently for no reason, as if they were martyrs. It turns out that people who commit suicide have branded entomes, like spider legs around Sheena’s own leg. They destroy their prey slowly over time. The souls of these martyrs learned to dwell in the bodies of the monsters who began attacking innocent people. These are the beasts that roam about and are called martyrs.

No good news from Mark Entoma for Sheena, but she decides to go to Hurtis anyway to get a job in the Royal Guard. So far, so good. When she enters the castle, Death sees things I can’t explain. Here and there walls flashed, showing the coding, and suddenly a voice sounded, yanking Sheena out of her predicament.

A strange voice from outer space

Relationship between the game and the real world

A mysterious voice introduces itself as Arata Mizunashi and reveals that Shina’s real name is Shina Ninomiya. It’s all starting to look good, it seems that Arata and Sheena have developed a virtual reality MMORPG called World Odyssey in the Real World. Sheena, the project manager, disappeared about a year ago. As a result of this and the extremely difficult issues that have arisen, Aggle Inc. has frozen funding for this project, cancelling it. Arata couldn’t let her go, though, and when he learns that there’s an active game called Shina currently playing World’s Odyssey when it should be disabled, he makes contact with her. This triggers Sheena’s memory, and from there they quickly realize that Sheena needs to find a good ending for the game to get out of there.

Arata in the real world

I know the story I laid down is too long in this review. But that’s what makes Death end re;Quest special: the idea of merging the real world with the game world, of merging a visual novel with part of an RPG. The visual part of the novel looks good. The combat is decent too, with a few good ideas. The battles take place in a circular arena where your group takes on martyrs. Each character can plan three combat actions per round. The best way to defeat monsters is to make them fly, as they take extra damage when they collide with terrain boundaries and bugs.

The mystery presented in the visual portion of the novel is captivating and made me want to play the game. But the scares in the game didn’t appeal to me. Make the wrong choice and you get a bad ending, and you can’t avoid the sounds and visuals presented, even if you wanted to. Entom’s bug follows Sheena and eats her enemies.

Angry beetle of Entom

It reminded me of a series of books I read years ago, fantasy novels about a group of mercenaries called Raven by James Barclay. I loved the story, I couldn’t put the book down. I was interested in the characters and I wanted them to win. But the things that happened bothered me, they stuck with me even now. And in books, this is all you read: Death end re;Quest presents it in such detail that the developers seem to be having fun with it. It’s too realistic, I don’t want it, I don’t need it, and it makes the game less interesting to me.

The other part of the game that I didn’t like was the way the female characters are portrayed as over-sexualizing when they go wild in battle. All I could think about was: Come on, who goes into battle nearly naked. And I know the game is already censored in the West, but this is still too much for my taste.

The more girls, the more fun.


Bringing Death end re;Quest to the Nintendo Switch, with all the DLC included, I’m pretty sure that’s the best package. The game, in my opinion, is first and foremost a visual novel with a compelling story and hours of gameplay.

Prepare yourself for a lot of reading and interesting ideas when it comes to the battle, as well as having to endure the violence. To me, this is where the game fails. Yes, there are good stories with a terrible plot, and they can still be interesting. But I don’t want to witness blood spatter, creaking bones and prolonged suffering. Although the story kept me on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t put it down.

Final Judgment : I’m not sure


How do you load…

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