CPU Fan Error When Booting PC or Laptop – How to Fix?

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The BIOS can generate a CPU fan error! Press F1 to run SETUP when you start your Windows 10 computer or laptop. This error indicates that there is a problem with the CPU fan that needs to be repaired.

The processor in your computer or laptop heats up and the fan cools it down so it doesn’t overheat or go haywire. If the fan is not cooling, this indicates a failure of the CPU fan when the PC is turned on.

Resolve CPU fan error Press F1 to run SETUP.

It may be that the fan itself is not running because it is clogged with dust. It may also be that the BIOS is not setting the correct temperature range for the RPM, so the CPU is not adequately cooled. Let’s look at ways and tricks to solve CPU fan error at startup.

Radiator Inspection
1. If the Processor Fan error occurs when you turn on your laptop at startup, pay attention to the laptop itself, or more specifically, the side. There must be a grille through which the hot air is exhausted. If the heating element makes no sound and no air is emitted, it is not working.

You should go to a service center or if you have experience disassembling laptops, carefully take the laptop apart and look for dust on it. You may need to remove the fan and plug it into another power source to see if it works.

2. If the processor fan error message appears when you turn on the computer, remove the computer’s side cover and visually inspect the processor fan; is it running, is it clogged with dust?

Also be careful with the connection of the fan, as many services and users connect it directly to the power supply chips, which is not correct.

Make sure the cooler is connected to a motherboard socket specifically designed for fans. Drawn as CPU_FAN, CPU_FAN 1, etc. It is also helpful to understand the difference between a 3-pin and 4-pin connector, which may affect the error of the CPU fan.

The 3-pins do not automatically control the speed of the cooler, but the 4-pins do, since these fans have a chip for that. To clarify what a pin is, it is the number of wires that go to the fan chip. You also need to make sure that the chip is firmly connected to the motherboard, that the metal connector of the chip itself is one of the pins.

2. BIOS Settings
If, after the above tips, the fans are working properly and connected correctly, let’s check the BIOS settings. When you turn on your computer or laptop, immediately press a key on the Dell keyboard to access BIOS settings. The key may vary according to the manufacturer.

Disable the Smart Q-FAN option in the BIOS. Depending on the motherboard manufacturer, it may have a slightly different name. This disables the refrigerator controller, as many motherboards can force the refrigerator to run at minimum speed and in some cases can automatically shut down due to a low temperature threshold. Press F10 to save the settings and exit the BIOS.

If there is a Fan Speed column, select Ignore or Disable to disable fan speed control. Press F10 to save the settings and exit the BIOS.

If you have a modern UEFI or similar configuration, set the RPM to maximum. If that doesn’t work, choose ignore. You can also disable the CPU fan control column. Press F10 to save the settings and exit the BIOS.

Reset BIOS : If your BIOS settings seem complicated and you can’t find the option to control the CPU fan, a BIOS reset may be a good solution. The item is called Load Setup Defaults and is located on the Exit tab in most cases.

You can also clear the F1 error when you turn on the computer. To do this, find the Wait for F1 at error field and disable it. This function is not available in all BIOSs.

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