Logitech is a technology company that develops personal peripherals and software for use with personal computers and other equipments including tablets, smartphones and televisions. It was founded in 1981 with a US$25,000 investment, and its products include keyboards, mice, game controllers, webcams, microphone products, headphones and more. Logitech’s sales in fiscal 2014 were about $1.7

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Reddit is an immense platform for discussion, advice, and content creation. In the gaming headset subreddit, we’ve seen this proven time and time again as people from all over the world share their experiences and opinions on gaming headsets. Naturally, we wanted to see what this subreddit had to say about the best gaming headsets

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Phishing emails are one of the biggest risks facing students online, and it’s easy to get fooled. After all, the emails look credible and often contain legitimate information and could just be sent by a professor or student services department at your school. But scammers are good at what they do: They create phishing emails

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