Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer In 2022 – Quick Guide

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer In 2022 – Quick Guide

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? Read to know more.

Instagram has become a go-to app for sharing photos and videos with friends, family, and followers. What’s less commonly known is that Instagram also offers a feature that allows users to share stories anonymously. 

This can be a great way to connect with others you might not know very well or get feedback on something without having your identity attached. If you’re curious about how to view someone’s anonymous Instagram story viewer, keep reading!

Do you like to watch Instagram stories but don’t want anyone to know that you’re doing it? If so, we have some methods for you that will allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Would Someone Want To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Let’s say that you are friends with someone on Instagram whose posts you enjoy watching, but they post things that embarrass you or things that make it obvious to anyone following them that you’re paying attention. 

For example, maybe your friend is a model or an actor and regularly posts pictures of themselves out partying late at night. You might not want people who follow both of you to think that you are up at all hours of the night hanging out in bars. 

Or perhaps another scenario might be where your spouse is posting something publicly on their account and follows other people – if they just happen to follow some hot college girls or guys then other people following them may get the impression that you’re checking out other people on the side. There are many reasons why anyone might want to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

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How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

As of the time of writing this, there are three different methods that one can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously. We will go through each method below and explain how it works so that you can decide which method is right for your needs. 

Remember though, if you happen to be at work or somewhere else where you shouldn’t be watching Facebook or Instagram then it’s probably not a good idea to choose any of these methods because your boss may think that you’re just wasting time instead of doing your job!

Method 1 – Hide Your IP Address with A VPN

The first method that one can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously is to hide your IP address with a VPN. In layman’s terms, this means that whenever you perform an internet search or visit a website, the information from your computer is encrypted and sent through a private server before it reaches its destination. 

Since the data is obscured, no one will be able to see that you visited Instagram or Facebook, or any other similar site. The person who might be searching for what sites you visited will only see that you used a VPN service instead of seeing which specific websites you went to! 

We have written extensively about using a VPN here at Make Use Of as well as running many different articles explaining how to do so in detail – if you’d like to learn more about VPNs then you should check out those articles.

Method 2 – Use An Instagram Proxy Site

The second method that one can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously is to use an Instagram proxy site. These sites are very popular for allowing people to view YouTube videos without having YouTube think that they’re not in a permitted location or country, but they also work great for being able to access blocked websites as well! 

The way that these sites work is first by giving them the URL of the website or service which you want to visit anonymously so that they know where it is that you are trying to go. 

After doing this, they will give your computer a new IP address so that your identity appears as if it’s coming from their IP address instead of yours. When you connect to such a site, your browser will automatically make use of their IP address rather than your own. 

This allows you to access Instagram anonymously and even if someone were to look at the websites that you visited they would just see an Instagram proxy website instead!

Method 3 – Use A Browser Add-On To Disable Geotags

The third method that one can use to watch Instagram stories anonymously is by making use of a browser add-on for your favorite web browser which disables geotag features. 

In case you aren’t aware, geotagging is basically when someone takes a picture on their smartphone or point and shoot camera and then includes information about where it was taken. 

This is usually done by using GPS or other similar technology to include location data with the photo. When this geotagging option is enabled, it allows anyone looking at your Instagram photos to see where they were taken simply by seeing what location they are tagged in.

By making use of browser add-ons for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can disable geotagging which will effectively make Instagram stories anonymous! We have covered the topic of how to disable geotags with these web browsers before but if you’re unfamiliar then do be sure to read our guide on How To Disable Geotags On Twitter And Facebook so that you can understand how this works.


We hope you found this article helpful. As always, if you have any questions or need help getting started with anonymous Instagram story viewing for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Thanks for reading! 

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