7 Popular Dating Apps Parents Should Know About

Are you a parent worried about your child’s safety and wondering if your teen is using dating apps? If you answered yes, in this guide you’ll find the most downloaded applications for teens, an analysis of their pros and cons, and tips on how to discover if your child is using them or how to prevent them from installing them.

This is Frankie Caruso again, your communications and mobile hacking expert. Welcome to my blog.

Today I want to draw your attention to the fact that teens are using dating apps. Last year, there were more than 30 million active users of dating apps in the United States alone. Many of these downloads are by teens under the age of 18.

There are positive aspects to using these teen dating apps, such as fostering new friendships and expanding your circle of acquaintances beyond what you may have met in school or at the gym. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your soul mate or just have more people to relax with.

The problem is that all that glitter is not gold.

Dating apps also come with dangers like malware, sex offenders, pedophiles and all sorts of bad people and experiences.

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong too.

Another potential risk for young people using dating apps is that they may misrepresent themselves. Dating apps can make your child think they are a worthy partner and judge a relationship on looks alone. If choosing a partner is as simple as shifting left (meaning you don’t like him) or right (meaning you do), meeting the person you’ll spend an eternity with gets even more complicated. It may not be possible. The uniqueness of your child’s personality can be overlooked if you focus only on the external aspects. It can ruin the emotional state of impressionable young minds.

But you don’t have to worry.

Almost all dating apps, especially the most popular ones in the United States, such as Tinder, Bumble or OKCupid, can only be used by adults. This doesn’t mean your child can’t fake their age and create a profile, while still facing the same risks or threats from predators.

I’m here to help you.

This guide is intended to show you exactly how to solve or even prevent this problem. I want to show you some important information, including:

  • The most popular dating apps used by teens (I update this list every month).
  • How do you know if your child has these applications on their phone?
  • Here’s how to prevent dating apps from being installed on your child’s phone.

Let’s get comfortable and take a look around.

7 popular dating apps for minors that parents should know about

You should know that in recent years, many teen-friendly dating apps have appeared in the official Apple or Android stores.

Just because they’re designed for teens doesn’t mean your child is safe from the dangers you’ve already read about. You’ll soon understand why.

I’ve listed the most popular ones so you can check your child’s phone to see if they’re available and in use.

1. MyLOL

  • Target age: 13-19
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free with in-app purchase

MyLOL is an application that is becoming increasingly popular with teens. It is the best free dating app for teens, as shown in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. The service has more than 300,000 members worldwide. Teens create a profile, upload photos and look for people to chat with.

Affirmative: The service has strict rules. Anyone over the age of 19 will be banned immediately and reported to the local police. You can read the terms and conditions on their website by clicking here.

Negative: No proof of age is required when creating a profile. Pedophiles or boys over 20 can create fake profiles and use them until someone reports them.

2. Yubo

  • Target age: 12+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free with in-app purchase

You can think of Yubo as the teenage version of Tinder. Similar to the popular dating app, users swipe right over profiles they find interesting and want to chat or watch videos with. You can add filters and emoticons to make the conversation more fun.

Affirmative: The application cares a lot about the safety of its users. Young people aged 13 to 18 must have parental permission to join a congregation, and they are divided into groups specifically for those under 18. These young people can’t get in touch with older people.

Negative: One of the biggest drawbacks of this service is that some of its features are not free. Your child may accidentally enroll and saddle you with unwanted credit card bills. They can also create a fake profile and move around these burgeoning communities undisturbed until they are reported.

3. Spotify

  • Target age: 13-19
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free

This is another application aimed at teenagers aged 13 to 19. The application has reached over two million new users in recent years. The logistics and functionality of this service are simple: You scroll through the photos of the teens around you and swipe right to become friends. If you both agree to this agreement, then you are agreed and you can start chatting privately.

Affirmative: There are very strict rules about the content you can post on this service. You won’t find any nude photos or sexual content. You won’t find too aggressive images either. The service maintains that it never shares sensitive data such as email address, phone number or social profiles with the company.

Negative: The application is only good for people who have installed a service nearby. If it’s dangerous, you’re afraid they’ll be there when this application is used. A pedophile with a fake profile who seeks contact with your child on Spotafriend lives in the community.

4. Support

  • Target age: 12+
  • Устройства: Apple и Android
  • Цена: Бесплатно при покупке In-App

There’s no reason not to, there’s no reason not to, there’s no reason not to, there’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to do it. интересующие, there’s no reason not to do it, there’s no reason not to do it. There’s no reason not to. There’s no reason not to.

THERE’S NO REASON NOT TO: Snapchat становится очень широко используемым социальнымедиа для мальчиков, а имнно потому, что у него есть функция самудаления сообщений через нескольо мнут. Snapchat, много, почень много, поэтому рекомендую вам ознакомиться с моим рукодством, как шпионить за пофилями Snapchat ваших детей.

Положительные: The Snapchat team is exploring the possibility of setting up an alert system.

❌ Отрицательно : This site is full of fake profiles and scams. Without an age limit, it is easy for older people to connect with a younger audience.

5. MeetMe

  • Target age: 17+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free with in-app purchase

In recent years, more than 100,000,000 users have created an account on MeetMe to find friends. The operation of this service is very simple: Based on your location and interests, you’ll see like-minded people. You send a request to a friend, and if it’s accepted, you can start chatting.

Affirmative: Contacts are filtered based on your specified interests and location. It is helpful to become friends with people who have similar interests and goals.

Negative: There is no age restriction to use this application. Although it is recommended for people older than 17, you can create an application as young as 13. The site is full of explicit sexual content, and there are in-app purchases that can charge your credit card.

6. Happn – Dating application

  • Target age: 17+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free with in-app purchase

Behind Tinder, Badoo and Meetic, Happn is the fourth most used dating app on the planet. As with most services that use geolocation, find people with accounts near you and send requests to people you are interested in. If it’s mutual, you can talk.

Affirmative: It’s a pretty secure application in terms of privacy. In fact, the data collected, such as. B. Your geolocation, contact email address, phone number, etc., will not be shared with other services or companies. You can also report and block fake profiles or people bordering on harassment.

Negative: There is nothing to verify age, so anyone can create a profile and post pictures to search for people.

7. Tinder

  • Target age: 18+
  • Devices: Apple and Android
  • Price : Free with in-app purchase

As the most famous dating app in the world, it’s no surprise that Tinder invented the swipe system. You choose the profiles you’re interested in by scrolling down, and if the feeling is mutual, you’re compatible.

Affirmative: This is a site that constantly strives to protect the safety of its users. You have to be over 18 and confirm your age, because Tinder also connects to your Facebook and Gmail accounts. If you are under 18, your access will be locked and the login screen will show a countdown of the time remaining before you can use the service.

Negative: As with any dating app, you can create fake profiles. In many countries tenderness is only used for sexual relations.


The most used dating apps by teens:

  • MyLOL
  • Yubo
  • Spotafriend
  • Tyres
  • MeetMe
  • Happn
  • Tinder

Some of the worst things that can result from using these apps are:

  • Meetings with pedophiles or violent people
  • Identity theft leads to identity theft.
  • Search for explicit material
  • Receiving explicit sexual requests or conversations
  • Show your location to people who don’t know you.

Frankie’s opinion:

There are many dating apps for young teens and beyond. Only the most commonly used ones are presented in this manual. If you want to know more about teen dating apps, you can go to the Apple or Android store and type dating in the search bar.

Does my child use these dating apps?

At this point, I’ve shown you some of the most commonly used dating apps, as well as some of the risks and dangers to your child.

Pay attention: What I discovered next was the real killer.

There is a reliable way to find out whether or not your child is using these applications.

Drum roll, please…

The solution is mSpy. With this software, you can see what applications are installed on your child’s phone, read conversations on major social networks, and view profile information on dating apps like Tinder. You also have the ability to track the location of your children with live GPS monitoring.

So how does it work?

mSpy works on Android and iPhone devices. Your child will never know he or she is being spied on because the system is completely invisible on the device.

The software is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge for installation or data recovery. What you need:

  1. Buy a software license on the official website
  2. remove your child’s phone for a few minutes without interruption.
  3. Configure mSpy
  4. Access the mSpy dashboard to track everything that happens on your child’s mobile device. This can be done from any mobile phone anywhere in the world, as long as it is connected to the internet.

It’s one of those things that seems simple because it is.

If you want to try the demo for free and see how easy it is to use the dashboard and software, you can do so here.

Message: I recommend everyone to read my guide on how to install mSpy on a target phone. Pictures and videos guide you through each step of the installation process to make it easier for you.

Frankie’s opinion:

It is one of the most widely used spy apps in the world by parents who want to protect their children from the dangers of online dating apps and predators. The service has received attention and has been written about in publications such as Forbes.

Can you prevent your child from using dating applications on their phone?

It’s not hard to admit that as a parent, you don’t want your child using dating apps on their phone.

Of course, on the one hand, if they use it responsibly, it can be great for social reasons. The other side introduces them to another level of danger to which they are not exposed.

If you think your child is old enough, you can let him/her use these applications, with the understanding that he/she must use them:

  • Beware of people using fake profiles
  • be careful when giving out personal information
  • Do not meet strangers in closed places or uninhabited areas.

If you’re a parent who wants to discourage your child from using dating apps in general, here are some steps you can take.

If your child has an iPhone, you must use the parental control feature. This gives you several options. First, it prevents your child from downloading an application without parental permission, which includes anything they want to add to their device. Another, prevents your child from using certain age limits that you can set.

They prevent all applications from being loaded without permission:

  1. Start in Settings and tap Screen time.
  2. Tap Content and Privacy Restrictions, and then tap iTunes and App Store Purchases.
  3. Click on Install applications and select Do not allow.

Once this is done, your child cannot install applications on their phone without your permission.

If you just want to prevent a certain age group from downloading apps, this is what you should do:

  1. Start in Settings and tap Screen time.
  2. Tap Content and privacy restrictions, and select Content restrictions.
  3. Click on Apps and select 17+. (99% of teen dating apps already have this rating).

Parental Controls for iPhone

Personally, I recommend this second option if you don’t trust your kids at all.

Message: If you want to learn more about Apple’s parental control features, I recommend reading my guide to configuring your child’s iphone’s parental control settings to keep them safe.

If your child has an Android device, you must use the family account features.

Let me be direct.

You can link your child’s account to a parent’s account so that the parent can give you permission to download applications from the Google Play Store. You can then see what applications your child is using, and you can manually block the installation of dating applications.

Creating a family group is fairly simple: Sign in to the Google Play Store with an account that acts as the family group administrator and invite your child to join.

OPINION: For detailed instructions on how to create a family group, visit the official Google page.

Now proceed as follows:

  1. Launch Google Play and press Menu (top left).
  2. Tap Account > Family > Family Management – then tap your child’s name.
  3. Tap Approve Purchases and then tap All Content.

It’s easy.

From now on, any applications your child wants to download will be downloaded with your permission.


I hope you now know more about this subject. I wanted to give you some information to help you through a difficult situation.

Before we say goodbye, let me remind you what we did to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Dating apps for teens have become increasingly popular in recent years. I’m not talking about Tinder, Meetic or Badoo, but another set of apps aimed directly at a younger audience.

The positive side of this situation is that teens can make new friends and acquaintances, but it also exposes them to other dangers. Most problematic are aggressive individuals, pedophiles and a distorted view of functional relationships.

Currently, seven apps are widely used by this younger generation, including:

  • MyLOL
  • Yubo
  • Spotafriend
  • Tyres
  • MeetMe
  • Happn
  • Tinder

As a concerned parent, you may be worried that your child is using these applications inappropriately, and there is a way to be sure. With mSpy software, you can monitor everything that happens on your child’s mobile phone to ensure their safety. They can see what applications are installed, read conversations made on major social networks and track their location via GPS in real time without the risk of being caught or discovered.

If you want to prevent your child from using these applications, you should use the parental controls that Apple and Android offer for their respective application stores.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below so I can respond as soon as possible. You can also connect with me on my Facebook page, my Pinterest account, or follow my YouTube channel for more helpful content.

Let’s embrace it,

PS – There is no doubt that your child uses Instagram. I recommend you read my guide on spying on Instagram conversations remotely.

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