10 Ways To Fix “Android USB Device Not Recognized But Charging” Error

Android phones now have the ability to connect to computers wirelessly. But it can be frustrating when you want to transfer some files between your Android phone and PC, and you still need a USB cable to connect the device to the PC.

According to some users, the error message usually appears Android USB device is not detected but loaded during file transfer. And the errors can be very different, for example. B. PC does not recognize Android phone, Android USB device is not recognized but loaded, etc. Anyone can face these types of mistakes and it can be difficult to deal with.

So if you are also one of those who stumble over the USB charging port but don’t realize the mistake, read this blog. Here I have discussed several ways to solve the problem of USB devices not being recognized on Android.

List of solutions :

How to solve the problem of Android USB device not recognized but supported?

Here I tell you some feasible and practical solutions to solve Android non-detected USB.

Solution 1: Restart Android phone and computer

This type of error can occur when your Android device and PC are in operation for a long time. Often your devices do not respond and the Android USB device is not detected, but shows charging errors. It is therefore recommended to restart both the phone and the computer to fix the error. It is very easy to get rid of such a problem.

Solution 2: Enable USB debugging on Android phone

Another important thing to check here is whether or not USB debugging is enabled. It allows you to access your phone directly and even transfer applications. So, if you get a USB loading error message but it is not detected, enable USB debugging using the methods below.

  • First, go to Settings > About Phone > tap Create Number seven times.
  • You now get the developer option. Press it and enable USB debugging.
  • Here you will see the option to allow USB debugging on phone > just click OK.

Read the full guide on how to enable USB debugging on a locked Android.

Solution 3: Connect your Android phone to a PC as a multimedia device (MTP)

You may know that you can charge your Android phone by connecting it to your computer. It may be via MTP and then your phone will not be recognized. However, if nothing is visible on the computer, you will have to establish the USB connection manually.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First go to Settings > Storage > Advanced > Connect to PC via USB > select Media Device (MTP).
  • If your phone is running on Android 6.0, go to Settings > About phone > tap Create number 7-10 times. Now go back to Settings > Developers > check the box for Select USB Configuration and then select MTP.

  • You can also select *#0808# and when you see the USB settings, select MTP+ADB and then reboot.

Solution 4: Uses a different USB cable

The USB cable you are using may have internal problems. Therefore, it only loads, but cannot detect. Therefore, in this situation, it is necessary to check whether the USB cable is working properly. If not, try another USB cable and connect the phone to the computer to check the problem. If the Android USB device is not detected but charging is successful, it is a faulty USB cable.

Solution 5: Connect your Android phone as a USB mass storage device

Some Android phones can be connected to a PC or an external SD card as a USB storage device, similar to a USB flash drive.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First, connect the unit to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Now swipe down on your phone’s notification bar and select the Connected as media device option.
  • Then click on the USB mass storage device and it will be detected on the computer.

Solution 6: Update Android phone and computer

Is your computer or Android device running on an older version? If so, such an error is common. Older versions do not have the ability to fix bugs or problems.

To solve the problem of undetected but supported Android USB device, you need to update both your Android phone and your PC. Go to settings, check your phone for updates and install them immediately.

Solution 7: Best tip to fix undetected Android USB device caused byhardware

In many cases, a hardware error on the device may cause an error for an unrecognized USB device. The following tip may solve the problem, as some people have tried.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First, hold your device and look at the Micro-SUB connector.
  • Now insert small non-metallic particles into the USB connector and lift the fine contact points.
  • Then connect the unit and the computer with a USB cable.

Solution 8: Install or update appropriate driver

In most cases, your computer will not recognize Android phones. It’s all due to a corrupted driver, and even the USB driver no longer works. In this situation, you need to install or update the correct player on your phone.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First, go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System.
  • Then click on Device Manager
  • Now search for other devices or portable devices, expand them and look for a driver. If the driver has a problem, this is indicated by a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Then right click on the driver and select Update Driver Software.

  • Then select Browse my computer for drivers > Select the list of device drivers on my computer and finally click USB MTP device > click Next. Reconnect the phone after updating the driver.

Solution 9: Delete the previous USB device number on the computer

After the USB cable is connected to the computer, the list may become longer and after a while the device will not be recognized. It’s common, but nobody cares.

So, if you encounter the error Android USB device is not detected but loaded, then you should remove all previous connections. There are also third-party applications that can manage these items and remove unwanted items.

Decision 10: Reinstall Android USB Driver

Sometimes the Android USB driver is not installed correctly, resulting in an error message USB port is loaded but not recognized. You are therefore prompted to reinstall the USB Android driver on the computer.

Check the following steps:

  • First, connect your phone to the computer and open Device Manager using Windows + X.
  • Now locate your Android phone under Mobile Devices, right click and select Delete.

  • Here you have to wait until you can remove the driver for Windows. Then disconnect the Android device and reconnect it.
  • Now the Android drivers are reinstalled via Windows and it is recognized again.

Bonus tip: Use Android repair software to fix Android errors

Android phone users usually encounter various problems or errors when accessing the device. In such a situation, the users do not know what to do and how to solve the problem. Now, you don’t need to worry like using android repair software. This professional tool fixes bugs or issues in Android phones in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Whatever the nature of the fault, it is capable of correcting it and restoring the normal operation of the unit. It is easy to use and supports all models of Android phones.

(*The free version allows you to view only the repair files).


This blog fully describes how to solve the problem of not detected but loaded Android USB device. Follow these solutions to resolve the issue and restore normal operation. All methods are tested and proven to eliminate errors.

If you have any other suggestions or requests, please let us know in the comments below.

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Sophia Louie is a professional blogger and SEO expert. He enjoys writing blogs and articles about Android and iOS phones. She is the founder of Android-iOS data recovery and is always looking forward to troubleshooting Android and iOS devices.

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