Most Popular Websites banned in popular countries

internet-blockingIn the current day an age, connectivity has become so easy as the internet is providing access to information all over the world. People are using the internet to constantly send and receive information that was not possible in the past. The internet is also being used to grow social circles as social media websites are among the most popular sites in the world. Facebook and Twitter are regarded as the top two websites in the world. Apart from social media giants, there are countries which do not allow the usage of google and a report from the top search engines in the world had revealed that some 25 countries do not allow the usage of google services in their countries.

Countries like China are holding a ban against some of the post popular websites around the world. Whether these websites are offering social media services or any other, China holds a strict policy against the usage of outside websites. They prefer that their people residing in their country use their own social media sites as they want to promote their own tech industry. The Chinese administration have also gone ahead to ban VPN services that are offering to bypass these restrictions on banned websites and it is considered illegal to do such actions.

Another popular country that has a ban on some of the most popular websites around the world is Iran. Iran holds a strict policy against the use of social media following the dissent action of 2009. However, in recent years, VPN services have started to emerge to provide an alternative solution in the region. You can use Australian VPN servers to access blocked sites ( Recently political leaders have also started taking a stand by holding social media accounts on popular websites like twitter.

In the current day, Facebook is regarded as one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. However, Vietnam have banned the usage of Facebook and the ban has been partially in place since 2009 because the administration does not want their people to criticize the policies on a platform like Facebook.

There have been incidents in Turkey as well of ban being imposed on the popular social media giants. Twitter was banned in 2014 after corruption charges were leaked out into the public against some Government officials. And all three, twitter, Facebook and YouTube were banned in 2015 after Mehmet Selim Kiraz was held captive and videos of the capture were being broadcasted live.

These countries have had or have been imposing bans on some of the most popular websites around the world due to a variety of reasons. However, the use of VPN has allowed for an alternate option to the users and somehow provides them access to these popular websites. But then there is also North Korea, who have a ban on the internet all together. They have their own version of the internet and access to it is strictly allowed to certain people. The Korean version of the internet does not connect to the world wide web.